View the 2022 U.S. FOMC Meeting Schedule, Statement and Minutes

stock market newslook at  Economic and stock market calendar check in advance. Among them, what I hear throughout this year is the schedule of the US FOMC meeting and when to taper at the meeting. The results of the meeting will be heard through the news or YouTube broadcast. I wanted to see the original meeting minutes in person, so I looked for them.

In particular, as the US interest rate is expected to rise this year, the share price is likely to have a large impact on the FOMC meeting schedule.


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FOMC (Federal Open Market Committee)

 FOMC Federal Open Market Committeeis a 12-member committee under the Federal Reserve. Regular meetings are held 8 times a year to determine the U.S. base rate

The stock market is waiting for when the FOMC (Federal Open Market Committee) will tapering (asset reduction) and when interest rates will rise.



FOMC meeting schedule

The FOMC meeting is scheduled for next year. published on the websitehas been There are a total of 8 meetings this year.

The date is US Eastern Time.



FOMC Press Conference

After the meeting, there will be a press conference. It is at 2:30 pm eastern time.

the press conference 홈페이지youtube channelbroadcast in real time.





the last video Youtubeis up on


In the era of COVID-19, press conferences are also held online.


(September FOMC Press Conference, September 2021, 9 (September 22 Korean time) )


If you look at this year's S&P and Nasdaq indices, the stock price seems to change from 2:30.

Waiting for the results of the September FOMC minutes, it seems that the statement came out before the press conference. Before the conference, the website was not updated, but Yahoo! appeared in the finance headlines. The mission statement was updated on the website at 9:3 Korean time.



FOMC Statement and Minutes

Minutes of the meeting from 2016 published on the websitehas been It is in HTML and PDF format and can be viewed with machine translation.

For your reference, the September 2021 statement is available in Papago translation below.


I think we need to interpret the statement, the minutes of the meeting, and the contents of Chairman Powell's press conference.


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