wheelchair union motorcycle

When my mother was sick, she used to walk in a wheelchair. Before getting sick, I rode a motorcycle from the countryside to another village, but walking was difficult, so I couldn't ride a motorcycle. When my mother-in-law goes from the countryside to town, she rides a car (a motorcycle in the countryside is called a psycho).

How about a motorcycle like this for the physically handicapped or the elderly who needs to use a wheelchair to go to another village?





I happened to see it on Twitter and it reminded me of my mother's motorcycle and wheelchair.

(When it is deleted from Twitter and cannot be seen)  View in Google Photos)








I don't know if this is legally possible, but I think it will be fine.

It is similar to the synthetic robot that I used to assemble a lot when I was young. Seems like a pretty good idea. The only problem is that the bike needs to be modified.

Like the iPhone case market, there is an accessory market that can be used with this product without modifying existing products. It is not necessarily an accessory market like this, but it would be nice to have a product that combines with existing products to create value.


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