How to use a credit/debit card for the COVID-19 coexistence national support fund (disaster support fund)

I did not receive the 1st disaster subsidy, but I applied for and received the 5th COVID-XNUMX national subsidy.

How to use the National Support for Mutual Growth (Government Emergency Disaster Fund)is detailed and there is also a YouTube video.

What I was curious about wasn't listed, so I looked it up and summarized what I experienced.





National subsidy can be used at local love gift certificate merchants according to resident registration

Because the purpose is to save small business owners, it can be used in places where local love gift certificates can be used. It's a pity that it can't be used in the online shopping mall, but it seems to be unavoidable.

It cannot be used in large marts such as E-Mart, but it becomes a convenience store. Convenience stores are franchises of large corporations, but the store manager seems to be a personal business.




You can check the stores where you can use the national subsidy on the website of the place where you can use the national subsidy, Naver Map, or Kakao Map.

The national subsidy can be used at local love gift certificate merchants.  It can be found on the website of the National Support Fund.  You can easily check it on Naver Map and Kakao Map.



Maps seem to be a portal for location-based information.



The credit card company cannot check the balance of the national subsidy applied for with a credit/debit card.

I applied for the national subsidy by credit card.

But if you don't put 25 won into your bank account, how can credit and debit cards use this national subsidy? I wanted to give it as credit card points, so I checked the points in the app, but the amount was not stamped.

Neither the account balance nor the points, so I inquired to the customer service center to find out what basis the credit card could be used on.

It is not a credit or debit card reward.

The national subsidy was unprecedented in history, so there seems to be a virtual national subsidy point within the card company.




If you use a credit or debit card that applied for national support at a local love gift certificate merchant, you will be notified of the balance by text message.

I was curious, so I inquired with the Lotte Card I applied for.



Hello customer, how are you?

It is believed that the customer has inquired about the 5th Corona virus coexistence national subsidy.


Therefore, we will inform you that it can be used normally from today (9/7), and inform you that it will be automatically used when using our card at a local love gift certificate merchant in the target area.


When using the subsidy, we will notify you by text message about the amount deducted from the subsidy and the remaining amount.



The day after I applied, I could confirm that the subsidy had been received from the credit card company, and I was able to use it right away from that day.

When used at a local love gift certificate merchant, the amount used and the remaining amount of the national subsidy will be notified via text message.

I bought a pumpkin and sweet potato at the market, and I received the following text message.


[From Web]
Lotte Card Corona coexistence national support fund usage 7,000 won Balance 239,620 won





If you apply for the National Support Fund with a credit or debit card, you can't check the balance on the card company's website or app yet, but it is convenient to notify you via text message.

It seems that they did not create a function to check the national support points on the card company's website or app. This is temporary, so it doesn't seem like it's worth the effort. If there is a credit card company that confirms this, it must be a company with a leader who is committed to user convenience. There are no resources such as Naver, Google, or Samsung, so it is a difference of philosophy. Of course, there is a method as follows, so you may have decided not to do it in terms of ROI.

I found out it didn't matter.

When using the national subsidy, it seems to be necessary to check whether it is a local love gift certificate merchant and check the balance by text message.


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