Market Kurly Refer a friend and receive 5000 won points

recommended by a friend I signed up for Oasis Market and it was 5000 woncame out I also signed up for Market Kurly and received 5000 won.




Market Kurly

Early morning delivery of organic food

Like Coupang's rocket delivery, we deliver early in the morning. The metropolitan area and Chungcheong arrive before 7 o'clock, and Daegu arrives before 8 o'clock. This is why I don't think the metropolitan area wants to live even if house prices are high.

There are areas where early morning delivery is not available. Early morning delivery areaI suggest you check the . Again, not Jeju.



First purchase 100 won event

When you make your first purchase, you can purchase a product that costs between 6000 won and 8000 won for 100 won.



Free shipping for one month after your first purchase

Market Kurly has been using Market Kurly for a month since shipping is free after the first purchase. It says that it is free over 2 won, but when I ordered it today, it was free for less than 2 won.




Free shipping over 4 won

Shipping is 4 won for orders under 3000 won, and free for orders over 4 won.


Curly Pass is 4500 won per month and free shipping

There are times when you can easily exceed 4 won when you buy it, but it's a bit disappointing when you don't want to buy it all and want to receive only a single item delivered in the morning. Therefore, if you are a person who mainly uses Curly, it is better to sign up for Curly Pass.



Receive 5,000 won by entering your friend's referral ID when signing up

When you sign up for a Naver membership, if you enter your friend's recommendation ID, 5,000 wonYou can get Curlido Market, which is similar.

People who recommend it and people who sign up can get it.

It wasn't recommended by a friend, so I searched and entered the ID of someone I didn't know.


Market Kurly recommender ID: dobiho

When you sign up as a member, you can earn 5,000 won by entering dobiho as the referrer ID as shown in the screen below.

It will be credited within 2 days of delivery after the first order.

It's always nice to have an event like this. I can get it and anyone who subscribes can get it.


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