Can I shower or bathe after the COVID-19 vaccine?

Luckily, I got the residual vaccine.

I've seen somewhere that you shouldn't shower after getting vaccinated. Really? If so, why? I was curious and looked it up.





It is best not to shower or bathe on the day of the vaccination.

On the wall of the waiting area for the injection, I saw that you shouldn't shower for a day.

When I got home, I looked for the quality control agency. Instructions after vaccination against COVID-19was on


◆ Precautions after corona vaccination

After inoculation, stay at the inoculation facility for 15 to 30 minutes and observe if any adverse reactions occur.
-If there is no specific allergy, observe for 15 minutes after inoculation
-If you have had allergies in the past, be sure to observe for 30 minutes
After returning home, rest for at least 3 hours and carefully observe for any adverse reactions.
Pay attention to whether special symptoms appear for at least 3 days after vaccination
-If you have a high fever of 39 degrees or higher or if you have any other physical symptoms than usual, see a doctor right away
・Do not exercise or drink alcohol on the day of inoculation and the next day
·It is recommended not to take a bath on the day of the vaccination.
・Keep the inoculation site clean
・For the elderly, after vaccination, do not be alone, but be with other people so that they can receive help if symptoms occur



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There is also a news video.


So I didn't shower that day.

But why not? I was curious and looked it up.



The reason you should not shower after vaccination is because you are afraid of secondary infection.

But why are you telling me not to shower?

When an injection is given, a hole is made in the skin through which the needle is inserted. Do not take a shower or bath, as this can cause pathogens to enter the hole through contact with water or your hands. Of course, it is attached with a band-aid like a sticker, but this is to prevent secondary infection.


Why do doctors recommend not bathing or showering for a day after vaccination?

Professor Kim Woo-joo of the Department of Infectious Diseases at Korea University Hospital said, “This is a measure to prevent secondary infection.

Our body defends against pathogens coming from outside through the skin. However, when a drug is injected into our body using an injection method, a small wound is formed on the skin. Rarely, pathogens can enter the wound if water or hands come into contact with it. In this case, a new infection may occur.

In addition to vaccine injections, these injections also apply to general analgesic injections and Ringer injections. That is, when receiving an injection, it is desirable to avoid getting water on the injection site or touching objects that can transmit pathogens, such as hands. (source)



When vaccinated against the flu, health care providers say, “Do not shower or bathe during the day.” Why can't I shower after vaccination?

Professor Kim Bong-young of the Department of Infectious Diseases at Hanyang University Hospital said, “This is to prevent secondary infection.”

In the process of injecting drugs into the body by injection, small damage to the skin and muscles occurs. If you shower at this time, water, shower towels, towels, etc. may come into contact with the injured area during inoculation, and in rare cases, bacteria may invade and cause infection. This applies not only to vaccines, but also to general injections and Ringers.

Professor Kim said, "Just taking a shower doesn't necessarily mean you get an infection, and it doesn't mean that the vaccine effect disappears." (source)


I don't know if it's on the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's website, but I couldn't find it, and I was able to find it in a news article.



If you shower on the day of the vaccination, do not let water come into contact with the vaccination site.


If you have to wash it, make sure that the injection site does not come into contact with water.

I looked for a doctor's answer, but there is an expert answer on Naver Knowledge iN. Reply to hidakthere was

It's been about 30 hours since I was vaccinated, can I take a shower?

After the influenza vaccine including the corona vaccine, it is recommended to avoid sour as much as possible on the day of the inoculation, and to shower without including the injection site, even if you do.




No sauna on the day of vaccination

This time, I went to get the second dose of the corona vaccine, but the hospital's guide changed the sign as follows, so I took a picture.

It seems to be taking a shower.




Do not shower or bathe on the day of injection. Do not shower or bathe if you are anxious.

There is a hole in the skin when the injection is given, and if it comes into contact with water, pathogens can enter, so it is better not to shower or bathe on the day of the injection.

I was looking for it because of the Corona 19 vaccine, but I think I can generalize this. Come to think of it, it's just like saying don't put water on your skin when it hurts.




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