When the back is twisted, acute lumbar sprain (including explanation by orthopedic surgeon, orthopedic doctor, physical therapist)

When I woke up in the morning and sat on the toilet, I felt a strain on my back. I barely got up and lay down on the bed. If you move your back, it seems like your back will break. I can't even turn around while lying down. Ah! Again, my back was broken.

this is the third time Once in twenty years, once in four years, the cycle gets shorter and shorter.

Sudden pain in the lower back is called 'damage', but the hospital calls it an acute lumbar sprain. I was lying in bed without being able to surround myself for about three days, but I couldn't remember how many days I had been lying in bed, so I wrote it down this time.

While this article is medical-related, it is my personal opinion, so I recommend that you do not blindly trust this article and go to the hospital.




The common things doctors talked about while traveling between orthopedic surgery, physical therapy departments, and oriental clinics were as follows.


Even if you lift a sheet of paper while your back is strained, the wall comes.

When the so-called dam comes, it is caused by a twisted back. The first time I also sprained my back was when I bent down to wash my child's hair. But this time, I didn't even feel the twisting event, and the pain came when I applied strength to my back.

You can suddenly lift something heavy or get injured temporarily, but it is said that it usually occurs when you use your lower back in a state where the lower back has been strained for a long time.

In a state where there is a strain on the back, even lifting a sheet of paper is crooked, and even when riding over a speed bump in a car, a wall comes. In my case, it seems that it is usually caused by sitting for a long time. If you go over the limit when your back is over strained and your muscles are overworked, it will become sprained and break down with pain. These are the words of a doctor who received a doctorate in physiotherapy in the United States and opened in Korea and an oriental doctor in Bundang.

In order not to sit for a long time, I suggested and applied a standing desk at work, and even though I used unusual methods such as wearables and apps, it seems to have happened this time by ignoring it.



Acute lumbar sprain if only back pain

If you only have back pain like me, you have an acute lumbar sprain. However, if you have numbness in your legs as well as your back, it may be a disc, so you should go to the hospital as soon as possible.

The first time I was able to stand up after having back pain, I went to an orthopedic surgeon. There was a time when I was told to have a surgery on the disc and first to melt the disc with medicine. Then I went to physical therapy and straightened my back. Once again, when I had to move, I used to drive my car to the oriental clinic.



Acute lumbar sprain seen in Chun Hyang Surgery


Acute lumbar sprain seen by oriental doctor


Acute lumbar sprain seen by a physical therapist




It was acute, so I lay still.

Like me, if you can't even turn your body, you have to be carried on a stretcher to go to the hospital.

When I first had back pain, I couldn't move, but I couldn't think of calling 119, so I lay in bed for more than two days. When I was able to move, I turned on the computer (when there were no smartphones) and walked carefully to the nearest orthopedic surgeon.

I found out that they called 119 and went to the emergency room.

This time, relatives came to take me to the hospital, but I couldn't move, so I just lay there.

As if about two lumbar vertebrae above the coccyx were cut off, it was painful without giving strength to the lower back, so I believed that my body would heal the damaged muscles if I let it sit.

Self-diagnosis is a self-prescription, so it can be dangerous, but an anesthetic that doesn't make you sick doesn't make it better, so I thought that I could treat it with medicine or help my body heal it.



cough to death

It just hurts when you lie still, and it's not a pain enough to break your back. But if you cough, you die.

So, if your nose is tickling and you feel like you are about to cough, hold your nose and hold back your cough.

It's the end of August, but this year it's getting cooler and it's the turning season. At night, I felt like I would have a cough from kicking in the air, so I grabbed my nose and closed the window with my feet.




Muscle relaxant, anti-inflammatory agent, cold/warm compress

I ate muscle relaxants and anti-inflammatory drugs I had bought at the drugstore I had eaten before. I was going to try cold steam, but it wasn't there, so I just didn't move and lay still.

Dong-seo came and went to the hospital instead of me, showed me the medicine I was taking, and checked if it was correct. I tried to get a prescription for a muscle relaxant to cut the stomach, but the patient himself did not come, so I couldn't get it. I ate and ate, so I lay down, ate and ate the medicine.

From the next day, when my brother-in-law had back pain, he took the medicine he had prescribed and took the medicine.

If I just take the medicine, my stomach hurts, but I didn't mind. Still, it was a sacred fire, so I had no choice but to eat the minimum amount of rice. I can't even turn my body, but going to the bathroom is more painful than climbing Mount Everest.

At first, I was told to apply a cold compress, so I looked for it, but I couldn't find it.

It's similar to how baseball players put cold compresses on their shoulders.

Each record I looked for is different, but it says to apply cold compresses within 24 hours and then apply warm compresses after that.

I didn't know exactly and didn't even apply cold compresses, so from the 3rd day onwards, I put the electric cushion on my back when I bought the electric blanket. I did it for 20 minutes like I did at the oriental clinic.




If it's a fighting weapon, it's great, but I don't know the other name. I made a note of each sick day for later.


Day 1

When I woke up in the morning and sat on the toilet, it wasn't even crooked, but my back hurt as if it was going to break. I walked to the bed and fell over. After that, I think it took more than 10 minutes to turn around. It's amazing how I was able to walk to and from the bathroom in the morning.

I thought this would last a few days, so I crawled to my room and brought my MacBook Air, iPad, iPhone and charger to bed. I think it took about 30 minutes.

Thinking that my back was broken again, I took muscle relaxants and anti-inflammatory drugs.

I crawled and went to the bathroom. I can't stand up on my back, so it took me 30 minutes to sit on the toilet. When taking the medicine, I decided not to eat anything except water and a little food before taking the medicine. I usually drink about 1 liters of water an hour, but going to the bathroom is too difficult, so it is better not to eat anything.

He didn't get out of bed except for two crawling. Repeatedly lying flat on the side with only the body lying on the side.

I tried to apply a cold compress, but the child couldn't find it, so I just gave up, bought a cold paste and put it on.


Day 2

The pain did not get worse or lessened compared to the first day.

Today, I ate only the minimum amount of food and water to take the medicine.

Fortunately, I was able to lay on my back and look at my iPhone or iPad. It hurts, but not to the point of breaking.

Still, my head was on the pillow, so I couldn't read or see anything. It looks like he just slept

That's why you shouldn't lie in bed. Reminds me of my mom with bedsores. How boring would it be to lie down?

I've been thinking for a long time how much I can endure if my body has a disability.

My conclusion was that I would be able to tolerate it to the point of not being able to hear the sound. It seemed that I could not live without sight. However, if my lower back is broken like this time, I can't stand up to my upper body, so I thought it might be worse than the sight. I realized how fortunate I was not to have a disability.



Day 3

It was different from the 2nd day.

It was a pain that seemed like it would just break if I applied force to the lumbar part of the lower back, but the pain in the left muscle of the lower back was distinguished.

I still can't stand up and I feel like my lower back will break when I lie down and turn around.

Knowing the previous culprit, I decided to try standing.

I tried to get up to go to the bathroom. I grabbed the wall and got my legs up, but I can't straighten my back. I remembered that if the waist part of a human doll or toy became loose, it was impossible to stand up the upper body. The human body is very simple. You can't stand your upper body with just one small part.

Somehow, I was able to put my upper body up. My back hurt when I stood up, but it wasn't severe enough and I was able to walk. I went to the bathroom in the living room.

After that, he didn't stand again and just lay in bed. My muscles haven't recovered yet, but if I overdo it, I go back to the first day.

My brother-in-law brought back the medicine he had left over because he had heartburn from taking only medicines he bought at the pharmacy. I didn't even have heartburn. I think I can buy a medicine to protect the stomach at the pharmacy, but I don't know what it is.

I had to take medicine, so I ate all three meals a day. I thought I might be gaining weight because of this. LOL



Day 4

It was significantly better than the 3rd day.

My left lower back muscle hurts, but I was able to stand up by holding the wall like in the second day, but it was much easier. You can walk with your back upright.

did the washing I couldn't bend my back, so I stood up. I stood on the wall with one hand and took water with the other and washed my face.

I was still in so much pain that I decided to lie down. I can't go back to Day 1 after using my waist for nothing.

I thought I had been lying in bed for about 3 days before, but now that I look at it, it seems that I have to lie down for more than 4 days. Or maybe it's because I'm older.


Day 5

It was slightly better than the 4th day.

You can straighten your back by holding on to the wall, but if you do it right, you can straighten your back. You can still walk while standing on your back.

Now you can walk around the house. I was able to take a shower standing up without bending my back.

Take the medicine regularly. Now I can cook and eat rice.

Still, eat to a minimum to avoid going to the bathroom.


Day 6

Much better than the 5th day. It's a pain in the back at the top. You can bend your back. When you bend your back, your back feels stiff just like you normally do when you strain your back.

When I sit on a chair, my back hurts, so I can't sit for a long time.

I started working a little bit because I could put my MacBook on my desk and type.


Day 7

It's a pain in the back at the top.

I can work while sitting at my desk, but my back hurts a bit, so I stand and work. When resting, lie down with your legs upright to avoid straining your back.


Now it's back to normal. I still have back pain, so for the time being, I work while sitting in a chair to a minimum and work standing up.

I don't sit down and surf the web on my MacBook. If you're going to surf the web, lie down on a bed or sofa and watch it on your iPad.



management mode

I think I had been lying in bed for about 3 days in the past, but this time, I was in bed for 5 days. It seems like I'm getting older. It is now in management mode.

I don't really care about my back, so I don't even sit for a long time, but for two days, I ignored notifications and sat and worked for about 10 hours every day. Now I have to take it slow.



After giving strength to the stomach, use the waist

In terms of cognitive information processing, the spine is a pathway that transmits information collected from body sensors to the brain. So, when the spine is injured, the brain or parts of the body stop working.

In terms of the physical body, the spine is the pillar that supports the upper body. The spine is a pillar when a person stands, but it is attached by ribs that protect the heart.

But when we say back pain, the back is the lumbar spine, not the spine. The lumbar spine is the part above the tailbone, but like the spine, the bones are not connected, only the muscles. It is said that the lumbar spine can be supported by abdominal pressure. So, if you apply force to the stomach, the muscles are used, and the abdominal pressure supports the lumbar spine.

(Image source: Captured from the YouTube projection below)



When I was lying down in pain, I found the video below on YouTube with my iPad.



Normally, when lifting objects, do not bend your back, but use your legs to straighten your back.

After a back pain, when lifting an object under the lower back, use your legs without bending your back. Sit on your back with your legs up, grab something with your hands and get up with your legs.

This is something you should normally do. There is no use in case of acute back pain.

Because I can't give strength to my lower back, I can't stand up. have to wait a few days




Do not self-diagnose, go to the hospital

Consult a pharmacist or doctor when you are ill. Do not talk about the name of the disease. If you say you came because you have a cold, there is a bias in diagnosis.

My first orthopedic experience was not good and I self-diagnosed because it was a recurrence, but like me, self-diagnosis and prescription are dangerous. You have to go to the hospital and get a diagnosis.

When I was lying in bed with back pain, my family and relatives came to the hospital. I can't move, I self-diagnose that I know this disease, and I prescribe it and don't go. At that time, a pastor I know, who has been kind to our eldest child since he was a evangelist, caught Corona in the Philippines. At first, I had symptoms of a cold, so my acquaintances told me to go to the hospital, but they said it was okay because it was a cold. It was so bad that I went to the hospital and was diagnosed with Corona. And he died a few days later. My child mumbled in the room saying he didn't know why he was doing this all night.


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