Cancellation and change after reservation for COVID-19 vaccine

Reservations were made during the corona vaccine reservation period for each age group. I made a reservation in Jeju, but my uncle passed away and I came to Seoul. So, to change the vaccination date, I checked the website and the vaccination hospital and organized it.





How to cancel after booking a vaccine by age

Up to 2 days before the inoculation reservation date Corona vaccine reservation site can be canceled at

If you want to cancel the day before or on the same day, you must call the hospital where you plan to receive the vaccination, not through the reservation site.



Vaccination dates cannot be changed

Dates cannot be changed on the reservation site. Cancellation is only possible.

I called the hospital and inquired about it, but they said it was only canceled and the date could not be changed.



If the schedule for additional vaccines by age is released, you can make a reservation again at that time.

When I inquired at the hospital, they said that if an additional vaccine reservation schedule is released, it will be possible to make a reservation through the vaccine reservation system again.



fit with residual vaccine

There are no additional reservations for my age group yet. So I'm trying to get it right with the residual vaccine.

You can set up to 5 notifications through Naver and KakaoTalk, so you can set them up. Notifications are coming, but it seems that the competition is still high.

Also, I think it is best to make a reservation by age group and fit it at that time.


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