Based on deposit and withdrawal fees in KB Securities App

Moved to KB Securities due to fees.  public offeringWhen I tried to transfer the deposit from KB Securities to another brokerage company, a fee of 500 won was charged.

There is a transfer fee in the world these days! Find out about transfer fees.






The transfer fee is based on the KB Star Club level.

KB Securities' deposit and withdrawal fee standardsIs as follows. KB has a Star Club level for each individual by integrating banks, securities, and insurance, and the transfer fee standards are determined according to this level.


구분 KB Securities → KB Securities KB Securities → KB Kookmin Bank KB Securities → Other financial institutions
MVP/Royal/Gold Premium/Regular
Point net remittance - free 1,000 원
Wired/in-store remittance
(account transfer)
free free free 1,000 원
online transfer
(HTS, homepage, M-able, ARS)
free free free 500 원
regular remittance free free free 500 원




Check my KB Star Club level


KB's banks, cards, securities, and insurance use the same grade, so you can check them at your convenience.

Check my KB Star Club rating on the KB Securities appIt's premium grade. There was a 500 won fee when transferring from the app. It's been a while since I haven't used a KB card or a bank, so the rating seems to be low.

Because of the transaction fee, I moved to KB Securities and traded. KB Star Club Ratingrose to this royal star.






If there is a transfer fee from KB Securities → Send it to KB Kookmin Bank and transfer it again

Regardless of the KB Star Club level, if you transfer from the KB Securities app to KB Kookmin Bank, the transfer fee is free.

At KB Kookmin Bank, the transfer fee is free. It was not intended and was issued to waive overseas remittance fees. KB Kookmin Gaon Planinium Card Thanks.

So, I sent it to KB Kookmin Bank from the KB Securities app and transferred it from KB Kookmin Bank to another place.

Another problem occurred. Since the security medium is a security card, there is a limit of 1000 million won per day. Find out this last Connect OTP to KB Star BankingSo I increased the transfer limit.


When transferring money from KB Securities to another brokerage or bank, it is annoying to send it to KB Kookmin Bank to save 500 won and transfer it again. therefore  How to raise the rating of KB Star Clublooked for


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