KB Securities' KB Star Club Calculation Criteria

I moved to KB Securities because of the securities fee, but whenever I transferred the subscription margin to another securities company, the transfer fee was charged. Check deposit and withdrawal fee standards and my KB Star Club rating on KB Securities appI tried

Although the fee is expensive, it is cumbersome to transfer from KB Securities app to KB Kookmin Bank and then from KB Kookmin Bank to another securities company every time. We found out how to increase the rating of KB Star Club.



What is KB Star Club?

KB Star Club selects and selects KB Star Club customers by combining all products and transaction performance with KB Securities, KB Kookmin Bank, KB Insurance, KB Kookmin Card, and KB Life Insurance/Prudential Life Insurance within KB Financial Group. It is a loyalty system of KB Financial Group that provides preferential services according to the graded grade.



KB Star Club Business Fee by Grade

There is also a fee for subscribing to the public offering, but it is free from the premium level.


business fee

(Amount: KRW)

item MVP Royal 골드 프리미엄 일반
Third-party replacement Branch, HTS, Homepage, M-able free free 2,000 2,000 2,000
in-kind delivery Point 10,000 10,000 10,000 10,000
subscription public offering HTS, Homepage, M-able, ARS free free free free 1,500 원
Point 4,000 4,000 4,000
media issuance Reissuance of security card Point free free free free free
card reissuance Point 1,000 2,000 2,000
passbook reissuance Point
OTP issuance new issuance 2,000 4,000 4,000
balance certificate Point free free free free 1,000
Agreement to establish pledge Point 5,000 5,000 5,000
financial transaction inquiry Point 10,000 10,000 10,000 10,000 10,000
able check card SMS notification service free free 300 300 300



Deposit and withdrawal fee

Transfer fees to other financial institutions are free from Gold level.


Hours of use Point deposit Weekdays 08:00~15:40
withdraw Weekdays 09:30~15:40 (However, in-store remittance is possible from 08:00)
online transfer
(HTS, homepage, M-able, ARS)
00:15am ~ 23:45pm* Between 1:00 and 10:00 on the 40st of every month, there is a fee for transfer transactions due to the selection of 'fees exempted'.
Charges may apply, so please use it after 00:40 if possible.
구분 KB Securities → KB Securities KB Securities → KB Kookmin Bank KB Securities → Other financial institutions
MVP/Royal/Gold Premium/Regular
Point net remittance - free 1,000 원
Wired/in-store remittance
(account transfer)
free free free 1,000 원
online transfer
(HTS, homepage, M-able, ARS)
free free free 500 원
regular remittance free free free 500 원
usage limit online transfer
(HTS, homepage, M-able, ARS)
Transaction limit by security level



KB Star Club Rating and Selection Criteria

This is an integrated rating of KB Bank, securities, and credit cards.


The criteria are total assets and KB rating, which both seem to have to be satisfied. Total assets are simple, but KB ratings are transaction-based, so it doesn't seem that simple to meet the conditions immediately.


MVP Star KB score of 10,000 points or more & total assets of 3,000 million won or more
Royal Star KB score of 4,000 or more
gold star KB score of 1,600 or more & total assets of 100 million won or more
Premium Star KB score of 800 points or more & total assets of 100 million won or more / KB score of 3,000 points or more



Criteria for Calculating KB Ratings by KB Securities Transaction Performance

There seems to be a standard within KB Securities for KB ratings. Based on KB Securities trading performanceIs as follows.


구분 item standard unit score
Investment performance stock average Domestic/overseas stock + deposit 2 points/10 million won
contract amount Domestic/overseas stocks + futures, options 5 points/100 million won
Product Transaction Performance fund rating Fund, ELS average balance (excluding MMF) 6 points/10 million won
Other product reviews Bond, Wrap, Trust, CMA, Retirement Pension, Cash Equivalent, MMF, etc. 4 points/10 million won
loan balance Credit Loan, Depositary Securities Collateralized Loan, Selling Fund Collateralized Loan Average Balance 10 points/10 million won
Other than digital service digital service 「Prime Club」 service subscription maintenance period 5 points/per 30 days
(up to 100 points)
※ Investment performance and product transaction performance are the results of the last 3 months (average balance).

View the amount and transaction performance required to upgrade my rating on the KB Securities app

If you look at the KB Securities app, you can see the rating estimate. You can check the amount required to upgrade the rating and transaction performance.

It seems that the transaction amount and deposit amount itself are important, not the number of transactions. Of course, it provides free transfer fees to people with large amounts of money. 🥺


How to check my KB Star Club levelsame as

  1. In the Marvel app, open Menu > Customer Service > Business Information > KB Star Club > KB Star Club Rating.
  2. You can check it in the Rating Estimation tab.


First, the easiest way is to add more deposits.

However, it is not just deposits, transaction performance is required.




When to rank

According to the above KB rating criteria, it does not mean that the deposit is set right now. I

Grades are not reflected in real time, but are selected on the 10th of every month and based on the last day of delivery.

구분 Contents
How to Apply Automatically selected based on the last day of each month based on transaction performance for the last 3 months

  • Affiliates subject to aggregate performance: securities, banks, non-life insurance, card, life
selection date Selected on the 10th of the following month based on the last day of each month
preferential period 6 months from the date of selection



Rating change notification email every month around 18th

On August 8th, an e-mail came from KB Financial Group regarding the change of KB Star Club customer rating.

It is said that he was selected as a Gold Star customer at the time of regular selection on August 8, and the preferential period is applied for 10 months.

According to the selection period mentioned above, the selection is made on the 10th of every month, and it seems to be notified by e-mail on the 18th.


preferential service

  • Internet banking transfer fee waiver
  • Deposit interest rate preferential service
  • Non-guaranteed credit loan service (applicable to personal rating standards, limited to customers with Gold Star or higher)
    ※ Loan availability and loan limit may change depending on the personal credit rating system (CSS) evaluation result.
  • Various fee waiver and discount service
  • Exchange preferential service
  • Various discount affiliate services
    ㅇ KB Star Dream Service (F&B, culture, life, travel, shopping)


Preferential period: 6 months from the date of selection




Today, I was upgraded from Premium to Gold Star, but I don't know exactly what kind of activity my grade was upgraded. It seems to be because of the amount of deposits put in KB Securities and the amount of the stock transaction.

You can now transfer money directly from KB Securities to another brokerage at the time of subscription.

Phew~ I looked into everything to save 500 won in the transfer fee. Simply put, if the transaction amount is large, the fee is free. But I think I know how much money I can keep. If you don't have money, you need to figure this out.

A long time ago, when Internet banking was first introduced, the transfer fee was free. I had already transferred to Hitel before that, so I didn't pay the fee. When I told my acquaintance to do internet banking to save money on transfer fees, I did. If you borrow hundreds of millions of dollars, the transfer fee is free, and they send you gifts during holidays. ㅠㅠ



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