Kookmin Bank KB Star Banking Increase transfer limit: External OTP registration

public offeringWhen trying to transfer the margin to another securities account through the Kookmin Bank app, it says that the transfer limit cannot exceed 1000 million won.

I looked at the app and called the customer center to ask, but in the end, I was able to increase the transfer limit by registering OTP in the app.





With the Kookmin Bank security card, the maximum transfer limit per day is 1 million won.



With KB mobile certificate, up to 1 million won once, up to 1 million won per day

According to the app, when a KB mobile certificate is issued, the transfer limit increases to 1 million won at one time and up to 1 million won per day.

KB mobile certificate was issued.

But when I tried to transfer, it was not more than 1000 million won.



If the security card is registered, it is useless to obtain a KB mobile certificate.

I called customer service.

Why is it worth 1000 million won if you transfer even though you have been issued a KB mobile certificate?

The answer is: The security medium is registered as a security card, so the maximum transfer limit per day is 1 million won.

I asked what to do. Go to the branch and ask them to change the secure medium to OTP. When I asked if I could change it to a KB mobile certificate without using OTP, they told me to go to the branch and ask.

Ah. To visit a branch in this country and in these times!

I found that there are only branches in Seogwipo, Jeju Island, except Shinshiji Station and Seogwipo.



OTP registration up to 1 million once, up to 1 million per day

I recently remembered that I increased the transfer limit by registering OTP on the Mirae Asset Securities app.

So, just in case, I tried it with the KB Star Banking app and it worked.

You can register OTP in the KB Star Banking app, and when you register, the transfer limit is increased to 1 million at one time and up to 1 million per day.



Registering an external OTP at KB Star Banking

When I signed up for Kakao Bank, I registered the OTP I bought together.


    1. In the KB Star Banking app, tap the full menu in the upper right corner and open Starshot.
    2. Tap Change/Report/Reissue and then tap OTP.
    3. Tap “Change Secure Media” and tap “Other Organization OTP Registration”.
    4. Register OTP through the registration process.
    5. When completed, it will appear that the transfer limit has been changed as follows.



Thankfully, I didn't have to go to the branch.

But, I don't know how many times I will transfer 1 million won at a time or 1 million won a day.^^


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