When you want to be comforted by stock loss, 'a stock investor who realized the truth'


A stock investor who realized the truth

I do not know where the source is, but the following article is floating around on the Internet bulletin board.



I'm walking around with an image file, but I'm trying to convert it to text.


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I've come to realize a great truth about stocks.

Let's say you are selling a used smartphone.

The cell phone I bought for 100 million won is sold for 50 won.

Am I really at a loss?

I used my smartphone well, but I got half of it back.

I usually think that

It's the same thing when I buy a stock at 100 million won and sell it at 70 won.

They buy stocks, play with them, and then sell them for 70 won.

I didn't lose, I sold used stock!


Comments are fun too.

mental victory

You played with it, right?

A positive mindset that left everything behind



There are moments when money is copied, and it seems like playing with corporate information and economic indicators, not only in Korea, but also in the United States and the world economy.

But when I invest in stocks, it's amazing that when I buy, it goes down, and when I sell, it goes up. While buying and holding stocks, the joy is momentary and almost all the time I seem depressed looking at the blue numbers.

I think it may have been a mental victory or a state of letting go of the spirit line in the comments below.



Are stocks second-hand?

I never thought of this before, so I looked it up.

The stocks we buy and sell seem to be right in the middle.

The stock market is divided into a stock issuance market and a stock distribution market. Only securities companies can enter the occupancy market, and general investors can trade only in the secondary market.

Therefore, it seems that stocks sold in the secondary market are not new, but a 'second-hand market' in which they are traded.


Investing in stocks is a financial product for the purpose of making a profit. However, I have never thought of something like the above, so it is a change of thinking.

Humor or gag is a change of point of view or idea, so we deliberately look for it, but in terms of creativity training in product planning or marketing, it is training. Children's conversations from a dementia patient's perspective, Marketing that creates a point of view etc.


Whenever I lose money, I sometimes read this article and it makes me laugh every time I see it.

You shouldn't take it seriously, but when you look at it when you lose, you wonder if this is really the case. 😆 Oh. Am I going crazy too?



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