2007 HCI Conference Tag, 'khci2007'

I went to the 2007 HCI conferenceBut I didn't take any pictures of the scene at all.

even my tutorial session No photos until now.

When I was giving a lecture, I saw a lot of people taking pictures. I even saw a camcorder.

It seems that the HCI Society does not impose restrictions on photography, etc. for intellectual property rights. ACM's SIGCHI did not allow the use of digital cameras as well as camcorders until 2005.

Camcorders are not allowed in SIGCHI 2006, but digital cameras are allowed, so ACM's SIGCHI 2006 에서는 Officially specify the blog's trackback address and Flickr's tag nameI started encouraging them to share. Even academic societies have announced the sharing of photos through Flickr. I don't know if this year's SIGCHI 2007 will be the same.

I thought that it would be good if the Korean HCI Society could find links to articles and photos related to the society by tagging them in advance or by giving the address to send trackbacks to on the website of the society.

When I searched for photos to report on a business trip, there were almost no photos.

tag as 'khci2007'

If you have posted photos or videos on your blog or Flickr, how about using the tag 'khci2007' in common?

Then I wonder if I can find it by tag like below.

If you are reading this article and write a blog, the conference does not have a trackback address.
http://dobiho.com/wp/wp-trackback.php?p=511 로 날려주시면 좋겠습니다.


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