What to bring when going to a cafe in summer

I go to work at a cafe and take out what I brought in my backpack.

Suddenly, I remembered the days when I took something out of my bag and took a picture and shared it on Flickr, so I took a picture.



These are the things I take with me when I go to work at a cafe.

M1 MacBook Air, AirPods Pro, glasses and a tumbler.

I bought the backpack from aliexpress. YESO backpack for laptopI bought it cheap and it works well.


There are some changes in summer.


tumbler with straw

The tumbler is not for winter, but a good tumbler for summer.

with straw stanley adventure quencher tumblerAll.

In particular, it is more convenient because it can be used instead of a paper straw when drinking frappuccio drinks at Starbucks.



portable windbreaker

In summer, sometimes in a cafe where the air conditioner blows directly, or it is cold.

When that happens, I take out the thin windbreaker I had in my bag and put it on.

It is decorated when rolled up and put.

My other windbreaker is a vinyl-like fabric that seems to block the wind well, but it does wrinkle, but I think it's okay to wear it when the air conditioner is cold and touch the skin.


The windbreaker can be rolled up, making it easy to carry. I usually just put it in my backpack.

There are several windbreakers that can be worn in spring and fall, but I never thought that I would use them in a cafe. When I go to a cafe in summer, it seems more comfortable to wear this pocket windbreaker than a thin cardigan.


I looked it up and it seems that there are some portable windbreakers.


By the way, when I was carrying the MacBook Pro, I carried the power adapter with me. M1 MacBook AirDo not carry the power adapter with you after you buy it.


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