treadmill iphone hanger

When I run on the treadmill, I want to listen to music, podcasts, radio, or lectures on my iPhone.


At first, I bought bluetooth earphones. Failed because it kept falling out of my ears while running!

I was thinking of buying an arm band, so I hung my brother's one on my arm.

I decided to just use wired earphones. You can put the iPhone on the treadmill, but there was no room for the iPhone in the gym I go to. So I decided to hang it somehow.

When I got home, I found a small bag that I could put my phone in my bag and hang it. Here, I made a wire hanger as shown in the picture.


A treadmill that connects online and runsThere is this, but even if it's not that much, it would be better if there was a device that could just safely put the iPhone on the treadmill, or let it stand up and look at it... It would be better if you could put the iPad on it.



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