Naver Birthday Reminder: Prevent other people's birthday notifications from popping up

I don't know when, but for quite some time, there has been someone's birthday notification in the Naver mobile notification window. I think I followed KakaoTalk's birthday notification, but it's my birthday, so I'm asking you to send me a present.

Looking at the terms of service, it is the contact information (name, mobile phone number) on your mobile phone. It seems that birthday notifications of people who have saved my cell phone number appear. Sometimes I see my friend's birthday reminder, but most of the time it's an annoying advertisement because it's someone who isn't a friend.




If you cancel the Naver friend service, the birthday notification does not appear.

I was looking for a way to turn off other people's birthday notifications. There is a way.

However, the method is a bit harsh. How to prevent other people from seeing your birthday notifications on Naver  You can turn off the privacy setting, but this requires canceling the friend service itself.

When sending money, the Naver friend service is essential, so if you cancel this, you won't be able to send money. In the past, I used to use it a lot when I was making bread because of the staff, but now I rarely use it. You only need to agree to the service again when sending money or sending points.



How to disable other people's birthday notifications on Naver


  1. Or tap the profile icon in the upper right corner of the Naver app.
  2. Tap 'My Friends' on the profile screen.
  3. Tap 'Agree to Naver Friend Service' at the bottom of the profile settings.
  4. Go to the bottom of the consent screen and tap 'Cancel Service'.
  5. The Naver Friend service cancellation screen appears, check the consent section and tap 'Cancel service'.
  6. Then a screen like the one below will appear.


Now when I go to My Friends, it says that the friend has been hidden as shown below.


No more annoying birthday notifications.

Not everyone in the address book is friends, but they just became friends because they were called friends on the service. Birthday notifications of people saved in my phone's address book do not appear.



To gift, you need to re-subscribe to the service.

If you want to gift it to a friend, just go to your profile and sign up for the service again.

I thought there would be a list of recently sent even if I didn't sign up for the service, but that's not the case. If I don't sign up for the service, I can't use this function.

Each time you send, you re-subscribe to the service. I just wish there was a feature to turn off notifications.



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