Naver Birthday Reminder: I don't want other people to see my birthday notification

There is a notification of someone else's birthday in the Naver mobile notification window. Birthdays are family, so we know each other like close friends, but on Naver, friends are not my real friends, but the concept of friends on the service. So, most of the birthdays of people you don't want to know about. Then my birthday will also be notified to other people.




I don't seem to remember asking anyone to tell me my birthday. Apparently, birthday disclosure is turned on by default. As always when creating a new function, I think about opt-in and opt-out for the default value, but it is probably turned on by default.

I was looking for a way to prevent other people from seeing my birthday notifications. There was a way.


How to prevent Naver from showing my birthday notifications to others

You can do this by turning off the privacy setting for my birthday in your Naver profile. Here's how.


  1. Or tap the profile icon in the upper right corner of the Naver app.
  2. Tap 'My Friends' on the profile screen.
  3. In the My Friends list, tap the Settings icon shown below.
  4. On the settings screen, turn off 'Birthday Privacy Settings' as shown below.


Now my birthday doesn't show up in other people's Naver birthday notifications.

The definition of a Naver friend was a Naver blog neighbor and a meXNUMXday friend, but looking at the terms of service, it is the contact information (name, cell phone number) on their cell phone. My birthday doesn't seem to show up on Naver birthday notifications for people who have my cell phone number saved.


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