Olympic mask miniature photo in the Corona era

The 2020 Tokyo Olympics, which have been postponed for a year due to the coronavirus, have started. It's in 2021, but it seems to be written as the original year.

A person who accidentally made a miniature photo in Japan on Twitter 트윗saw

Swimming, track and field, volleyball, and high jump were expressed on the mask.


The title is 感染対策して観戦, but translated it is a spectator for infection countermeasures.


Looking at the website, it seems to be made of masks and the Olympics because they are expressed in miniature.

Masks were used as stadiums, but the players are not wearing masks.

I don't think I can wear a mask while exercising, but I think shooting will be fine. You are told to take off your mask before the final victory.. There is a high probability that our players will win, and they don't like the appearance of wearing a mask being broadcast all over the world.


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