iOS Home Screen Changes: From iOS 1 to iOS 15

There are home screenshots for each iOS version on English Wikipedia, so I have collected screenshots from iOS version 1 to the latest 15.

When the year is also indicated, the major iOS version changes every year. It was almost possible to add a year rather than just an incrementing number.


iOS 1 (2007)

iOS 2 (2008)

iOS 3 (2009)


iOS 4 (2010)


iOS 5 (2011)


iOS 6 (2012)


iOS 7 (2013)


iOS 8 (2014)


iOS 9 (2015)


iOS 10 (2016)


iOS 11 (2017)


iOS 12 (2018)


iOS 13 (2019)

iOS 14 (2020)


iOS 15 (2021)



I have a home screen made into a video.


When you look at the home screen for each version, you can remember some of the UI features or major API changes of the OS version at that time. In particular, I remember changing all the apps since iOS 7, when the UI manager changed from developer to designer.

I even made an app that can put a phone number on the home screen image, so when I look at the background image on the home screen, a version comes to mind.



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