Flower sandwich made from fruit, the value of visual design

I accidentally found the picture below on Twitter.
Functionally it is a fruit sandwich, but visually it looks like a flower sandwich. In other words, it is a flower sandwich made with fruits.


(photo source)



I guess this is art.



can i eat



Rice cakes that look good are good to eat and sell well.

There is a saying in our proverb that good looking rice cakes are good to eat.

In Donald Norman's Emoji Design Book, a study shows that visually pretty systems allow users to forgive errors and slowness. It's that pretty doesn't just give you emotional and subjective joy.

Look and feel not only serves as a visual interface that contains utility, but also makes irrational and subjective human buyers and users more irrational.



Appearance can create more value than just form

Among the long-standing debates in HCI are the battle between functionality and ease of use, and the battle between usability and visual design. It is a conflict that arises from seeing only in one's own role.

A visual designer isn't just about making things look pretty. It is not to use layouts, colors, and sculptures that are irrelevant to the meaning of the contents to be contained in them to make them look pretty. Like the word form follow function, the form should be tailored to the content. You can go beyond this. As in the example above, content and form can create value beyond helping each other. Every time I find a case like this, my heart races!


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