Milk carton package design that turns the display case into a cat picture

cat milk carton design

There is a design of a milk carton in Russia that is going around the internet community and Twitter.

The front of the milk carton is as follows. There seems to be a different picture of a cat for each type.



milk carton display case

This milk carton doesn't just have a cat picture on the front. A part of a cat's tooth is also drawn on the side and back

So, if you display this milk carton, you can see the whole cat as follows.

Compared to the uniform display of milk cartons in the front, the display itself is both picturesque and interesting.




Judging by the writing on the milk carton, it seems to be a Lysia milk product. This company seems to be a dairy company, but it uses a lot of cat designs on its packaging.

It's like the Russian Blue in my sister-in-law's house.




The role of package design

The role of package design in commercial products is to protect the product well and reveal its value, but the most important thing from a marketing standpoint is to make it stand out and make you want to buy it. So, companies that use the package design badly (?) sell it without changing the contents, only changing the packaging from time to time. of course Feeling disgusted by legal influence like a cigarette wrapper also do

While explaining the reason why Bae Sang-min, who started an industrial design startup in the United States, went to KAIST Design Professor, he mentioned that he was only changing the packaging.



Puzzle design, the combination of parts to create a whole new value

Sometimes the sum of the parts does not equal the sum of the whole, and sometimes the optimization of a part does not optimize the whole. This case seems to have created a new value for the whole of the combination of parts.

dragon ball collectionThe puzzle is completed by starting from book 1.

This puzzle-style design makes life feel fun.



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