KB Securities Global One Market Pros and Cons and Cautions

I started US stocks with the Namoo Securities app of NH Investment & Securities. It was amazing to be able to buy US stocks in won without having to exchange them for dollars in advance.

I moved to KB Securities because of the commission, but KB Securities also has a way to buy US stocks with won. You can use Global One Market.

However, on July 7, there was a one-day correction in the US stock market due to the mutant virus, but I was disappointed because I could not shop because of Global One Market.




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KB Securities 'Global One Market' service


KB Securities Global One MarketSilver allows you to buy foreign stocks with deposits in won without the need to exchange money. Another advantage is that there is no exchange fee.


  • Korean won (₩) when trading domestic stocks and overseas stocks (USA, China (Hugangtong, Songangtong), Hong Kong, Japan, Vietnam)
    Transactions are possible with margin, and the required amount is automatically converted into the local transaction currency on the day of payment and payment is made.
  • Payment is automatically exchanged at the exchange rate confirmed at the time of order, and there is no exchange fee.
  • ※ Limited to some currencies, Kookmin Bank real-time trading standard exchange rate applied (next day exchange rate is applied when the foreign exchange market closes)



 Advantages of 'Global One Market' service

  • Since there is no exchange rate spread, there is no loss in currency exchange even if you buy on the same day and sell on the same day.
  • Because there is no exchange fee, it is easier and more convenient to calculate the profit and loss of foreign stocks.
  • It is convenient to manage both domestic and foreign stocks at the same time in one account, as both domestic and foreign stocks are traded with KRW-integrated margin.
  • Even in situations where currency exchange is impossible, you can quickly place an order for overseas stocks without exchanging money in advance.



Disadvantages of 'Global One Market' service

  • In the case of US stocks, you can purchase up to 95% of the deposit.
  • It is difficult to aim for a large exchange rate profit because the median value of the real-time buy-sell exchange rate is applied.
  • You cannot reinvest immediately after receiving dividends in local currency
  • Overseas stock orders cannot be ordered in local currency for One Market application accounts. You can only buy after changing the currency.

It seems convenient if you trade foreign stocks and Korean stocks at the same time in one account.






How to buy in dollars? Turn off Global One Market

If you have dollars in your deposit and want to buy US stocks with dollars, you can turn off Global One Market.

Global One Market can be turned on and off. You can do this by account.




When the exchange rate is low, I exchanged dollars and bought it after turning off Global One Market.

My strategy was this:

However, the exchange rate started to rise sharply while I was stupid because I did not know how to exchange money. ㅠㅠ

There is a more important issue.



On July 7th, Global One Market was devastated at the mutant virus market.


On July 7th, QYLD became the price I wanted, so I bought a little in dollars. QYLD doesn't have much share price difference, but it has a dividend rate of about 19% and a monthly dividend, so it was planned to keep a little.

But Yahoo! A mutated virus appeared on the finance home headlines, and US stocks began to plummet.

Oh, it's the long-awaited shopping time!

I started to buy IVV, QQQ, and DGRO, which I had always wanted to buy. It's not something I just want to buy, it's something I've been trying to buy a lot. But the dollar ran out.

In this case, it is a global one market.

I tried to turn on Global One Market to buy in won. A message pops up and doesn't turn on. what?

In the app, there is a nightly US stock phone number. I called but no answer I started to panic. It's the shopping time you've been waiting for...

Is it an error? I made another account with KB Securities through non-face-to-face.

Global One Market is connected to all accounts.

However, the transaction fee is only for one account. What if... yes, if it were a mutant virus, it would be like this tomorrow too, so I went to bed early in the morning.

The US market returned the next day and rose further. A month has passed and there was a drop on 3 days a few days ago, but there is no tag on the price that day. I don't know if it's September when there is a 10% adjustment.

My friend said that the fee/exchange rate is important. study how to calculate feesThen, when you trade, include the number of payments and calculate the profit/loss ratio smart stock calculatoruse

I should have bought it from a newly created account without thinking about fees! Opportunities don't come The US adjustment seems to be one-day.



Global One Market can be turned on after 3 days of trading in dollars

The next day, KB Securities app sent an inquiry.

Payment of overseas stocks takes 3 days from the date of purchase. Since you have done a dollar transaction, you can use Global One Market only after the dollar has been settled.

In other words, if you bought in dollars, you can buy US stocks in won by turning on Global One Market 3 days later.



Global One Market PrecautionsIt says not before settlement.

  • Receivables or other loans may occur or order rejection may occur when withdrawing or ordering overseas stocks before refinancing U.S. stocks.




In July and August, the exchange rate rose sharply. The plan to buy dollars in advance has not been implemented, and I just turn on Global One Market and shop in KRW.

It's comfortable.

I don't know when the shopping time will come, and the exchange rate is also introduced, so I'll have to shop in Korean won until the planned shopping is over.


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