Art born from mistakes, PSY

On December 2017, 12, there was an all-night stand performance by PSY.





Psy, “Art starts with mistakes”

After the performance, Psy cried and said goodbye.

However, the stage did not turn off and 'It's art' came out naturally, like the next song.

Psy started singing. what?



3 minutes 7 seconds Psy is like that to the degree.

“I was supposed to say goodbye before, but the staff accidentally turned it on,

Art starts by mistake.

Watch the music! Hey~”



I knew I couldn't make a mistake

The staff accidentally turned it on, but Psy sang like a pro, and said the same thing in the middle.

In the comments on YouTube, there is also a comment saying whether this is a mistake or a plan. However, there were some interesting comments. Here are a few to put together:


“Wow, I knew I shouldn’t make a mistake ㅜㅜ”

“I think we were afraid of making mistakes.

“You can make mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes.”

"Opportunities in life's crises Art is a matter of occasional mistakes The footprints wandering along the road become a map, Light that repeats incompletely darkening becomes a star. After all, life has been a dazzling field of stars.”



You can learn from your mistakes, be inspired and make new discoveries.

People are afraid of making mistakes or failing. It's a matter of course. One of the key concepts of Lean Startup is to fail fast, but who likes to make mistakes or fail?

Mistakes or failures are negative. What happened is irreversible, so you can learn from it. So when you learn something learn from mistakes there is,  Others' failures are my assetsIt is also

When you think about it, mistakes aren't necessarily a bad thing. Mistakes themselves can be productive.

In the history of science, there are many cases of accidental new discoveries or inventions, such as penicillin.

Product innovation or improvement is also inspired by user mistakes.In many cases, you get A user research method called usability testing is to find a product problem in the user's behavior and thinking process, so the user's mistake is also a point of improvement or innovation of a product or service.



art through mistakes

To find out about creativity in art, I often read books and articles on aesthetics or art whenever I have spare time.

There are instances of Picasso's inspiration from African art or from the juicer on the cover of Norman's Emoji design book. I spilled coffee, so I know how to paint on it.

But other than this, I didn't know any examples of art that started from mistakes, so I searched a bit. You can find a thesis on 『The Influence of Amateur Mistake Photography on Contemporary Art Photography』. I couldn't find it other than that. I guess I'll have to find out more.


Psy's words make me think about various things.

Art may start from a mistake, and it seems that we are too afraid to make mistakes.

Personally, I have collected many cases such as science, inventions, products, and marketing that were born out of mistakes, but I realized once again that I was ignorant of art.


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