How to Use Starbucks Gift Cards in Siren Order + Earn Stars

These days, there are times when you receive a Starbucks gift card from an event or acquaintance. We learned how to use gift cards and earn stars while placing a siren order on the Starbucks app.



Gift cards cannot be registered in advance.

When you receive Starbucks e-gift items, you can register them on the Starbucks app, which is convenient. However, gift cards cannot be registered in advance.


Gifticons can be used to pay for siren orders

You can select a drink or product and use the gift card on the payment screen.



If you change your Ice Americano to a Grande size, you will earn stars.

earning a star You must pay at least KRW 1,000.   Usually, Starbucks Americano received as a gift cone is a tall size, but if you change it to a grand size, you have to add 1000 won, which is just enough to receive a star.



Redeeming Gift Cards in the Starbucks App


  1. Select a product in the Starbucks app and tap 'Place Order'.
  2. On the checkout screen, tap Gift. We call it gifticon, but in the app it says 'gift' in Korean ^^
  3. On the gift screen, tap '+ Affiliate Coupons'.
  4. If you enter a coupon number in Get Affiliate Coupon or load a saved image, it is automatically recognized.
  5. Then check it and tap Place Order to place your order.



When I receive a gift card, I usually put it in the photo app, but it would be nice to be able to register it in advance like a Starbucks e-gift.




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