Earn stars while using Starbucks gift cards

Sometimes, you win an event and receive a Starbucks gift card.

I was curious to see if it was possible to earn stars even with a gift card, so I looked it up.



If you just use Starbucks gift cards, you won't earn any points.

Because stars can only be received when paying with a Starbucks card.



You can get stars by paying an additional 1,000 won while using the gift card.

The minimum amount to earn stars is 1,000 won.

If you have an Americano gift card worth 4,100 won, you can pay the difference of 5,100 with a Starbucks card when you order a product worth 1,000 won or more.

You can order Cafe Mocha 5,100 won or upgrade to Americano Venti size 5,100 won.


Gift card + 1,000 won added + 2 stars earned with a personal cup

If you pay with a Starbucks card and receive coffee in a personal cup, you can get a 300 won discount or one star.


If I have a Starbucks Gifticon Americano worth 4,100 won, I earn 5,100 stars by ordering an Americano Venti size (2 won) + an individual cup. I don't carry a Starbucks card, so I order a gift card by siren order.


Especially in summer, I carry the 650ml tumbler shown in the picture below. I bought it last summer, and since I have to add ice in the summer, it's perfect for me, even if I'm not a venti drinker.


For some of the larger Starbucks brand cups, please refer to the information below.



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