iPAQ rw6828 press release photo problem

January 1th, from HP The iPAQ rw6828 was released. said to have done it.

I am using the so-called rw6100, a convergence of a PDA and a mobile phone, and I was glad to read the article when I saw the specifications of the rw200, which is smaller in size, has Bluetooth, a 6828 megapixel camera, and a stereo speaker.


HP iPAQ rw6828


They say there is no dial button like the iphone, but I don't have a problem. I write texts with a pen and send them.

FM radio? I think I'll use it when I listen to the window in the morning. I wish it had built-in GPS...

It says it can be purchased from January, but when will it be sold? The carrier has not yet been identified.

HP rw6828 Review VideoIf you look at it, there is really no button.


By the way, I was surprised to see the photos in the press release.

the picture is me Introducing Eye Tracker I thought it would show a result that was very similar to the photo I used when doing it.


press release Compared to the picture below, it is a bit small, but what do you see in the picture?

ipack rw6828



It's probably the face of a model woman.

If you look at the press release, the picture comes out big, so you can see the female model clearly, but the product is not really visible.

The reason is that, as Dr. Choi Kwang-il of Ajou University's Professor Kim Young-jin's lab said in Sponge, people instinctively try to identify who is who.

And if you look at a photo that is a stimulus, your face is clearly visible, so you will have no choice but to see a bright spot.

If this was an advertisement picture, what would the advertisement effect be?
It's a female model floating ^^

So, what should the model do to make the product visible to the user?


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