Overseas remittance fee exemption, KB Kookmin Gaon Platinum Card

Google Adsense and Apple developer revenues are remitted overseas. In my case, remittances come from overseas 2-3 times a month.

The amount actually received was always smaller than the amount to be received. I thought there was a fee and moved on.

Recently Recognize that stock fees are non-negligibleI also checked the overseas remittance fee, but the amount was not small.

And I found my own solution.



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Fees when receiving money from overseas

There are two types of fees when receiving money transfers from abroad.

  • bank fee
  • wire transfer fee


Bank fees vary from bank to bank, but some are free of charge of $100, but usually it is 1 won per transaction.

Wire transfer fee: It is the same as the fee you pay at the same university as Swift. Usually between 5,000 won and 1 won.


Looking at the posts of people who use Google Adsense, the conclusion is usually 1 won, so it's better to do it at your bank.

Kakao Bank's overseas remittance fee is 5 won, but the wire transfer fee is about 1 won, so it's actually 15,000 won, which is the same as other banks.

The interesting thing is that instead of receiving a remittance fee and paying a fee, it seems to be sent by subtracting its own fee in the process of receiving the money.

I have been receiving it through Shinhan Bank for a long time. However, this time, as the brokerage company was moved to kb Securities, a foreign exchange account was also created at Kookmin Bank and changed to this account.

Kookmin Bank costs 15,000 won per transaction when receiving remittances from overseas.

  • Bank fee: 1 won
  • Telegraph fee: about 5,000 won



Kookmin Bank Overseas Remittance Fee Waiver/Reduction Method

I looked for ways to exempt or reduce overseas remittance fees at Kookmin Bank. I found two methods as follows.

  • Kookmin Bank Star Club
  • Kookmin Card Platinum Card


Kookmin Bank Star Club RatingAs you can see, the Royal Star rating is reduced and the MVP Star rating is exempted.



KB Kookmin Platinum Card Financial Fee Waiver

I thought it would be difficult to accumulate points and become the highest grade MVP star, so I decided to issue a credit card and go to one room.

Among Kookmin Cards, KB Kookmin Bank’s financial fee reduction/exemption is an exclusive benefit for the platinum card, which has an annual fee of 10 won.


Service contents

  • Reduction or exemption of financial fees for KB Kookmin Bank transactions
  • Provided 2 business days after the date of issuance of the Platinum Card


fees Contents
transfer fee
  • KB Kookmin Bank/other bank remittance fee exemption
  • Exemption applies only to transfer fees through KB Kookmin Bank media (bank counters, phone banking, internet banking, smartphone banking, automated devices, etc.)
  • Exemption of CMS usage fee and direct debit fee (not available for family card customers)
Deposit and withdrawal notice
  • Deposit and withdrawal details notification fee (SMS/fax) waived
filing fee
  • Issuance of certificates and debit cards, and waiver of bankbook reissuance fees
foreign exchange fee
(regardless of currency type)
  • KB Kookmin Bank cash exchange rate preferential (1.0%)
  • Exemption of overseas remittance fees (excluding telegraphic transfer fees and Western Union remittance fees)


The part marked in red above. Their bank charges are free, but other telegrams and fees are not free. Then, what used to be 15,000 won for each of the following remittances becomes 5,000 won.


  • Bank fee: 1 won → Free
  • Wire transfer fee: about 5 won




Types of KB Platinum Cards

The benefits of the Platinum Card are as follows.


Gaon Platinum Voucher Card
  • Coupons, gift certificates, etc.
  • All domestic franchise stores 1.0~1.3%
  • Overseas affiliates 5%
Gaon Platinum Card
  • Domestic affiliates 0.7~2.0%
  • Overseas affiliates 2.0%
  • 5 points
Good Day Platinum Card
  • Gas 60 won/L
  • Communication/Transportation 10%
  • Eating out/school 10%
Wise Platinum Card
  • Domestic use 0.5%
  • 3~0.5% in the 4.5 major domestic areas
  • Academy/department store 2-3 months
Mileage Gaon Platinum Card (Korean Air)
  • Domestic merchants 1.2 miles
  • Overseas / Duty Free 2 miles
  • Gas/Coffee/Hotel 3 miles
Mileage Gaon Platinum Card (Asiana)
  • Domestic merchant 1.2 miles
  • Overseas / Duty Free 2 miles
  • Gas/Coffee/Hotel 3 miles
Financial Point Lee Platinum Card
  • Financial points 0.5~5%
  • KB Kookmin Bank Loan Interest Rate Discount
  • KB Kookmin Bank Exemption




KB Kookmin Gaon Platinum Card

Among the platinum cards, the Gaon Platinum Voucher card and   KB Kookmin Gaon Platinum Card We considered the final Gaon Platinum card.




95,000 points for an annual fee of 5 won

I compared the two and made a table.

Platinum Card Domestic annual fee Vouchers/Points previous month performance
Gaon Platinum Voucher Card $ 100,000 $ 100,000 $ 100,000
Gaon Platinum Card $ 100,000 $ 100,000 none


Point accumulation is 0.7% to 1.5%, but even if you catch 1%, if you spend 100 million won, it is 1 won.



You can benefit from the annual fee without any previous month's performance

There is a difference between whether the voucher is 8 won or 5 won, but there is a performance in the previous month. So, I decided to go with the Gaon Platinum card, which had no previous month's performance.

I wanted to see if there were any benefits that had no previous month's performance. KB Kookmin Gaon Platinum Card page and  Card manual PDF fileI've looked, but there's no mention. It was said that only 30 won for the benefit of using the amusement park must have a previous month's performance.

So, I called the KB Card customer center and checked. I called three places, and I also called the last platinum manager several times to confirm. At first, the person in charge said that all cards had 30 won in the previous month. The final confirmation is that this card has no previous month's performance for the benefit of financial fees.


The Gaon Platinum Card is like receiving a refund of 5 won, so it is an annual fee of 4 won.

The overseas remittance fee is 15000 won depending on the number of cases, but even if you say that the wire transfer fee is unavoidable, in my case it is 2 cases a month, so the benefit of this card is 2 won a month. 1 year is 24 won, so 24 won - 4 won = 5 won profit.


There was no need to use this card abroad, so I was issued with 95,000 won for domestic use only.


Apply for issuance through the event page and receive 1 won cashback

And while looking for card information, I accidentally found the KB Card event page. Apply through this pageI saw that they give you a cashback of 1 won. Just like there is nothing free in the world, if you agree to marketing and spend more than 10 won, you will get 1 won cashback. 10% of the amount used is very good. If you spend 100 million won in a month, you get 1 won more cash back, but I don't think I need to do that much.

This event is in May, and it seems that such an event is held frequently, so when issuing a card Kookmin Bank event pageIt would be nice to see

Anyway, out of the 9 fortune of the annual fee, it is 5 won in points + 5 won in the event, so you can save the minimum remittance fee of 1 won in case of 35,000 won.



You cannot sign up for KB Platinum Card through a card designer.

The annual fee is expensive, so I looked to see if I could get a refund through the card design.

I asked a designer I found on the Internet through KakaoTalk, but they said that platinum cards cannot be issued through the designer.




If you are receiving money from overseas, such as Google Adsense or Apple developer account, it would be a good idea to consider it.

Overseas remittance fees or stock consignment transaction fees are one of the business models. However, when competition becomes fierce, this fee may become free. This includes account transfer fees, cash withdrawal fees, and stock transaction fees. Thanks to Kakao Bank, many banks offer free account transfer and cash withdrawal fees. Account transfers at brokerage firms have also changed to almost free. In the stock market that is recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic last year, there have been and are still being held due to competition among securities companies. I trade without thinking check my feesand changed only now.

Among the overseas remittance fees, the remittance fee sent is at the event level, but the fee received is a benefit given by a card with an annual fee of 10 won, as you can see now. Studying abroad, which produced fathers there, is not making much noise these days, so the competition for overseas remittance fees does not seem to be great yet.

There is a proverb that says you can't get your clothes wet in the drizzle, and this is true for stock fees and even if you receive frequent remittances. If you sell the mouse, you can choose a product that suits your situation. The problem is that you don't know this information well, and it's annoying to know. However, if there is a situation where you need to save even a little, it is fortunate that there is a way to save money through information and diligence.


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