Uploading Photos from ACDSee to Flickr

Flickr Upload Tool is very convenient when uploading photos to Flickr.

At work, I don't have to manage my photos, so I'm just looking at the freeware. XnView , but I use ACDSee at home.

It's a bit inconvenient when trying to upload photos to flickr after viewing photos with ACDSee.

Put ACDSee in list view mode, run Flickr Uploader, and then drag and drop photos from ACDSee to Flickr Uploader again. Otherwise, you will have to find the photos you need again with the explorer and drop them into the plugin upload.


How to upload directly from ACDSee to Flickr?

There is no such thing as a plugin, but you can.

You can call a photo editing program from ACDSee, but you can register and use an external program such as Photoshop, not ACDSee's own program.

If you look closely at this method, you are just calling the executable file of the graphics program.

When the executable file receives the directory path and file name of the file as parameters, it receives it as an input variable and opens the file. For example, if you drop an image file on the Photoshop icon on the desktop, Photoshop opens and opens the image file.
Flickr uploaders are also subject to uploads if they drop image files into Flickr Uploads.


There is an icon in ACDSee that launches a program that allows you to edit images directly in the image viewer.
Just connect the Flickr Uploader to this feature.

In the toolbar of ACDSee Image Viewer, click the down arrow on the right icon of Browse, and there is the Configure Editor menu.
I am the English version, but the location and window are the same even on the Korean label.

Clicking on this will bring up a window where you can add Photo Editor, where you select the Pluger upload program.



And, to be able to upload multiple photos at once, select the 'Support Multiple Images' checkbox and click the OK button, and you're done.



To upload a photo to Flickr, click the arrow below the edit icon in the toolbar and click Flickr Uploader. The Flickr Uploader will appear and contain the photo you are currently viewing.


You can only select one at a time. I haven't yet found a way to call the Flickr Uploader by selecting multiple photos from a list on ACDSee.

I don't know if I should write a plugin.

If you can call other executable files from RC or other programs and pass the file as input, it seems that this same function can be used in other photo viewing programs.


There are programs that view photos on PC and businesses that share photos on the Internet. Flickr Upload Tool And this function is simple, but I think that the product strategy has something to think about in terms of positioning.


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