Remove nosintgdmn , nprotect (nProtect Online Security), the main cpu load on Mac

I switched from the 2018 MacBook Pro to the M1 MacBook Air due to battery life and palm heat.. But today, strangely, there was a tepid fever on the MacBook. The M1 MacBook is almost at the bottom when CPU monitoring is done, but the CPU gauge is up to the middle.



Even though I rebooted because I thought the Google Drive app was the problem, it was the same. So, when I looked at the CPU usage, the process called nosintgdmn occupied 99%.


When I searched for what this was, it was nProtect.

Public sites, banking or securities sites have to install nProtect, so I do not use the web, but today I installed something while logging in to view the report of KB Securities. I thought it was because the installation failed, but I think nProtect was installed. i'm crazy Why installed... nProtect is the main culprit of CPU load on Mac.

I looked it up and there is a folder called Applications > nProtect. Don't just delete the folder. Fortunately, there is an uninstall program in nProtect, so I uninstalled it and returned to normal.


Uninstall nProtect (nProtect Online Security)

  1. Open the Applications > nProtect > nProtect Online Security V1 > NOS folder with Finder
  2. Execute in the NOS folder to uninstall it.


When nProtect was only for Windows, you couldn't install it on Mac, but now it's also for Mac, so it can be installed if you're not careful.

It is better not to use a site that needs to install something for the public, bank, or securities company on a Mac. It is better to just use it as an iPhone or buy a cheap Windows laptop and use it separately.


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