Transfer stocks from the NH Investment & Securities Namoo app to another securities company

This time, I created another securities account and collected stocks from other securities companies into one securities company account. Domestic stocks can be transferred to an account, so I summarized the process while transferring.





Namoo app domestic stock transfer


The Namoo app allows domestic account transfers on mobile

Transfer of domestic securities from Mirae Asset Securitiescan not be transferred from the smartphone MTS, but only on the PC HTS. The tree app of NH Investment & Securities was available on mobile.



Domestic stock transfer available time

Weekdays 08:00 ~ 15:30.



The fee is 2,000 won per item. Mirae Asset was only available on HTS, but the commission was 1,000 won per item, and the Namoo App was twice as expensive. However, it is convenient to do it on mobile.



Transfer stock account

The stock account transfer in the Namoo app was not difficult because it was similar to the account transfer in the bank app. This time, I took a screen capture while transferring.


  1. In the menu of the Namoo app, tap Account/Transfer/Subscription/Loan at the top, tap Transfer on the left, and then tap Stock/Bond Transfer on the right again.
  2. To transfer to another securities company, tap 'Other securities company', select the account to be shipped out, and enter the brokerage company and account to be stocked.
  3. Select the stock to be transferred by checking the balance.
  4. Enter the amount of transfer, select a contact number and reason for shipment, and tap the transfer button.
  5. Tap the 'Execute Transfer' button to confirm in the transfer confirmation window and execute the transfer.
  6. When the transfer is complete, the following completion window appears. Like bank account transfers, stock transfers are irreversible once transferred.





It was not difficult to transfer stocks from the stock app as I was familiar with bank transfers in the banking app. However, the fee was expensive, ranging from 1,000 won to 2,000 won per item.

These days, most of the fees are free when transferring money from banks or brokerage firms, but this is because competition between banks and brokerage firms intensifies, and people use multiple banks or brokerage firms. I don't know when it will be, but there will come a day when one person uses multiple securities companies at the same time, competition becomes fierce, or securities companies such as Kakao Bank appear so that even stock transfer fees are free.




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