Starbucks Gift Card (e-gift card), Gift Con (e-gift item) Event Stars

Now, studying, reading and working at Starbucks is a daily routine.   Tips for cheap coffee at StarbucksStarbucks is a good place to study or work, learning and using it well. my Starbucks mapis recorded in

If you order through the Starbucks app, you can get a discount, and when you collect 12, you can get a star that gives you a free drink coupon. To order through the Starbucks app, you must top up your Starbucks card or have an e-gift card or e-gift item. Here is the method I am using well.

  • Gift an e-gift item that is being held throughout the year or give me a gift and get 1 star
  • Receive 1-5 stars when gifting an e-gift card on New Year's Day in January, Family Month in May, and Chuseok in September





Starbucks e-gift items

If you gave or received a Starbucks coupon as a gift, it is a Starbucks e-gift item. It seems that e-gift writing in English rather than localizing it in Korean is trying to make it globally consistent in terms of brand. LOL



Gift a Starbucks coupon (e-gift item) and get 1 star

This is an event that is not always given, but is held for a specific period of time. However, this is a regular event held throughout the year. I did it last year and I am doing it this year in 1.

I sometimes send a cup of coffee to my kids, nephews and friends. It is fun to give as a gift, and it is even better to receive it separately.



1 star per purchase, not number of coffees

If you look closely at the details of the event, giving 3 cups of coffee as a gift doesn't mean you get 3 stars. 1 star per payment. However, if you are gifting three cups of coffee to one person, it is better to buy three and send them instead of paying for three cups at once.


Stars are earned after 7 days

Stars are not credited immediately, but after 7 days. The payment cancellation deadline seems to be 7 days. Stars will be accumulated after 7 days of payment due date.


The following is the contents of the event from January to December 2021. ,





Starbucks Coupon (e-gift item) You can get a star even if I present it to you!

If you look at the screen when gifting, there is an option to send to me. I found out that even if I present it to me, I can become the subject of the event and receive a star.



In my case, if I don't have the amount I have charged and I have time to order, I sometimes order a gift item as a gift before ordering coffee or cake. Then you can get stars.


When planning a marketing event, there are times when you exclude what you give yourself. However, except in special cases, in this case, there is sales in addition to promotion through gifts, so if you treat this as an exception, you may incur more useless development costs.



Starbucks e-gift card


Gift a Starbucks e-gift card and get 3-4 stars

You can gift a Starbucks gift card on the Starbucks app. However, there is an event that gives 1 or 3 stars in the next season of the year. I can't say I do it every year, but it seems like I do it all the time.


When I was planning a one-year marketing promotion, I first caught the seasonal event, but I think it can be continued unless there is something special. I archive this promotional image here every year.

  • january new year
  • May family month
  • September Chuseok


January New Year e-gift card event

Here are the new year events for January 2020 and 2021.


May Family Month e-gift card event


September Chuseok e-gift card event

Here are the 2020 Chuseok events.



Even if I present a Starbucks e-gift card to me, I can get a star!

Like e-gift items, you can get stars if you present a card to me.

If you buy coffee or drinks as an item, not a card, you can get 1 star, but it's a lot of trouble at times, so when I do this kind of event, I buy a few at 3 won each.


3~3 stars for every KRW 4 gift card

It is not the number of payments, but a star is given for payments of 3 won or more. If you buy more than 3 won, it is better to cut 3 won each. When I do an event, I buy 3 won each and use it. If you look at the year, it is in January, May, and September, so I buy some at that time.



Fill in the previous month's performance by credit card

Gifts such as gift cards and gift cones are usually not included in credit card performance. If a Starbucks gift card is included in the previous month's performance, it is sometimes used to fill the previous month's performance at this time.

Gift cards are only available once every few months, but gift cones can be used at any time of the year.




In addition to this, Starbucks-specific events include a method of giving more if you drink a specific drink.

At first, I wondered if I should do it like this, but after going to Starbucks, it's fun.


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