Transfer stocks from Mirae Asset Securities to another securities company

In the process of recovering the market that crashed last year due to Corona 19, the whole nation took stocks in the bull market. At the same time, brokerages held a free commission event, and I watched it without much thought. behindhand   Calculate transaction fees and taxes for domestic stocksAfter trying it out and calculating US stocks, I realized that the fees are not too high.

Fortunately, I opened an account because KB Securities, which offers a lifetime commission free of charge, is holding an event. Domestic stock trading has a higher tax than commission, but in order to save even the commission, the domestic account in Mirae Asset Securities was moved to KB Securities.

I summarized the process by moving domestic stocks from my account of Mirae Asset Securities to my account of KB Securities.






Transfer from My Account of Mirae Asset Securities to another company's securities company


MTS (smartphone) cannot be transferred to a third party

It is not possible with a smartphone, only with HTS. Transfers to other accounts in Mirae Asset Securities are possible at MTS, but transfers to other companies are not allowed.

Third-party transfer and withdrawal
Request for branch visit possible
HTS possible
MTS (Smartphone) impossible

It is inconvenient to visit a branch and the commission is twice as expensive. I use a Mac, but I had no choice but to install HTS on a Windows laptop and transfer it.



Fees for transfers to other securities companies

When transferring from my account in Mirae Asset Securities to another account, there is no transfer fee, but when transferring to another account, a fee per item is charged.

Request for branch visit 2,000 won per item
HTS 1,000 won per item



transferable time

Transfers to other companies are possible only during business hours. I tried it at night, but it didn't work because it wasn't working hours.


business hours
Request for branch visit
– Real-time transfer participating securities companies: 8:00 ~ 15:00
– Securities companies that do not participate in real-time transfer: 8:00 ~ 14:00
8:00 ~ 16:30 (not on public holidays)


For more details Contents from Mirae Asset website Among the third-party transfers, we brought the part about the shipment.

■ Our company → other company's transfer shipment

▶ Cyber ​​application
Transfers can be made to a third-party account with the same name / other name.
– KAIROS : Online Center > Bank transfer/substitute > Third-party transfer (TR 0991)
– Business hours: 8:00 ~ 16:30 (not on public holidays)
– Transfer delivery fee: KRW 1,000 fee is collected for each transaction by item
(Individual customer level Gold or higher, corporate account fee waived)
– Customers who have not issued a security medium cannot be processed
– Up to 1 shares of domestic stocks and 1 million won of domestic bonds can be issued within the total number of issuance per day


■ Online third-party shipping limit
Online shipment limit: There is a limit of one time, one day, so it is possible to ship in divisions.

– One-time limit (1 domestic stocks, 1 million won in domestic bonds)
– Within one-day limit (total number of shares issued or total issued amount)


▶ Apply to visit a branch
You can transfer and ship to a third-party account under your name or another name when you visit a nearby branch without registering a separate contract.
(Corporate customers can only ship under the same name)
※ Branch office hours
– Real-time transfer participating securities companies: 8:00 ~ 15:00
– Securities companies that do not participate in real-time transfer: 8:00 ~ 14:00
※ Required documents: stock card, transaction seal (signature)
※ Transfer delivery fee: 2,000 won fee is collected for each transaction by item
(Individual customer level Gold or higher, corporate account fee waived)

※ As the shipping limit does not apply when visiting a branch, all items can be shipped out.




Transfer stocks to Mirae Asset Securities HTS

Transferring stocks is the same process as transferring money from a bank app. It's stock, not money, and it's a brokerage, not a bank.


  1. Mirae Asset Daewoo Kairos HTS Program Download

Download the Mirae Asset Securities HTS programand install it The program name is 'Kairos'. Not on Mac, only on Windows.


2. In HTS, open “Online Center ▶ Bank Transfer/Substitute ▶ Third-Party Debit Delivery” in the upper right corner


3. On the third-party transfer delivery screen, enter the account password, select the item to be transferred, enter the account number with the brokerage company to be transferred, and transfer.



4. Shipment Confirmation

Click the [OK] button on this screen to transfer. Just like when transferring money in banking, once it is transferred, it cannot be returned, so be sure to check it carefully.


5. Check whether the stock account of the securities company you received has been successfully entered.

It was immediately processed the same as when transferring money.




These days, everything is done on mobile, and you cannot transfer money to other companies in the stock app. Moreover, in the Corona era, you have to visit a branch or install HTS on Windows. Third-party transfers must have been intended to make them give up as much as possible inconveniently. However, it will only cause dissatisfaction if you are a person who will transfer anyway, or if you are a user who only partially uses another securities company.

Even when I was in charge of the Naver Cafe service, there was no cafe withdrawal in the Naver Cafe mobile app, for the same reason. Withdrawal was to be done only on PC. While insisting on the mobile-only era, the mobile app also includes a cafe withdrawal function.

Transferring to a third party or leaving the cafe is one of the tasks that users have to do anyway, and it doesn't make it uncomfortable at all. It will only increase customer dissatisfaction.

I use several securities company apps together, but I continue to use the Mirae Asset Securities app as well. Now, we will not only take care of users who only use our own apps, but we will also take care of people who use multiple securities company apps, but I don't know if there's enough room or user size.


After a long time, I experienced an MDI-type Windows program that I wrote 20 years ago. It's been a while since I've seen HTS, and it's still ugly, but it's fast and convenient. I rarely use a Mac to turn on a Windows laptop, and I'm not a full-time investor, so a mobile MTS is sufficient for trading.

I don't really want to use it because it's ugly, but looking at the features, screen size, and speed, I think that the HTS would be good for those who hit single shots. Technology and user environment go beyond the web from the PC Windows program to the mobile and tablet era, but only HTS of PC still has powerful functions. In this state, Korean securities companies will have to completely disappear after 100 years of PC and Windows system environments to make at least a webull or Yahoo! Finance level app or web. If there is not enough room and a user market, the platform will be forced to move if it disappears altogether.


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