The real reason for apostates

While talking with friends, there was talk about why Kim Moon-soo turned away. There was a friend who said that there must be a reason, and there were also rumors that he might have become that person after sticking with it for a while as a means.

I thought that maybe that person wasn't changed, but that he was originally like that. If not, can you call the Namyangju Fire Department when you were the governor of Gyeonggi-do and say, “I am Dojisande” and say that it is a government statement. Keep acting like that person. Perhaps that person pursued power, not democracy or justice.



When I saw the person who served as chief of staff during President Kim Dae-jung's time as chief of staff during Park Geun-hye's time, I wanted to think that he was doing that to do something big for the country, even at such an old age. But the result was not.

Besides, there are many As politicians, it's not about solving political and social problems, it's about people suffering from the President's disease or the National Assembly disease.



You can change yourself to win

By chance, I watched the broadcast on April 2019, 4 on KBS The Joy of Conversation. It was the story of Yoo Si-min, and I hit my knee at the end.


“If I started to protect my dignity, it’s okay to fail. The reason I started this job was to live the right life, so I think it's okay if it's successful or it's sad if it doesn't.

If you fight to win, if you can't win, it's not worth it. There is a possibility that you can change to win. But it is also a life. ” – Yoo Si-min


Ah! That was it. If the purpose was not to democratize, justice, or human dignity, but to seize power or win, that would be an explanation.


Yoo Si-min's book how to live’, too, but this person’s insight is always amazing!




Different goals lead to different processes and different outcomes

Among the methods of creating a service or product, there is a method called goal directed design. The goal is to find out what the user's purpose is and create a tool to achieve that purpose. The famous 'Harvard Business Review'What people need is a 1/4" hole, not a 1/4" drill' is in line with the story.

Just like trying to find out what a user's real purpose is when creating a product, it seems necessary to understand what that person's real purpose is in order to understand a person's behavior.


The above story starts at about 26 minutes. I think it's good to just listen to everything from the beginning.





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