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When you go on a business trip abroad, you need to exchange money into the currency of that country. There is no need to exchange money in advance as the amount is not large enough for the travel expenses that are used for occasional trips and going for a week or so.

If you travel abroad on a regular basis, the situation is different. A representative I know said that he often stays and buys them in advance.

It's hard to go on a business trip or overseas trip because of Corona 19 right now, but since anything has a beginning, it has an end, there will come a day when you will be concerned about the exchange rate.

My acquaintances who sent their children to Canada to study are sensitive to the Canadian dollar exchange rate. I have to pay tuition fees.

In my case, I have income in dollars, so I have to exchange money.



Get notified when the specified exchange rate is reached

If the amount is not large, there is not much difference depending on the exchange rate. However, since the amount is not large, even a small exchange rate difference is important. It is not money to be used right away, so I think you should exchange it when the exchange rate is good. So I thought that I might not be able to receive a notification when the specified amount is reached.

I looked it up and there was a function I wanted in the Shinhan Bank sol app.


You can specify an exchange rate and receive a notification when the exchange rate is reached. I set it to be notified every day at 5pm even if the exchange rate is not set.




Setting target exchange rate alerts

The setting method to receive a notification when the target exchange rate is reached is as follows.


    1. Open the Shinhan Bank Sol app.
    2. Tap the hamburger menu, tap the 'Forex' menu on the left, and tap 'Notification Settings' on the right.
    3. On the exchange rate notification setting screen, tap Set target exchange rate.
    4. Set whether to receive a notification when a goal is reached, or whether to receive a notification at 5:XNUMX PM every day even if the goal is not reached.




Notification setting period is 1 month

Notifications are not set indefinitely, and according to the description, they are only valid for one month from the date of setting. If the target exchange rate is not reached within one month, it must be set again.

The system cost for such a notification setting function is not small, so it seems that the default period has been set.


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