Siheung Gaetgol Ecological Park, Cherry Blossoms and Salt Farm

When the cherry blossoms were ending, I walked through Siheung Gaetgol Ecological Park with my friend. We got together at Sadang Station and took number 3300.


Gaetgol Ecological Park is said to have turned the original salt farm area into a park. Therefore, there is a waterway through which seawater enters the tidal flat, and this is called a tidal valley.

In our country, the waterway between these small tidal flats was called Gaeyang.

A long time ago, a sailor who escaped from a dinghy boat stole our big Dobi and left it in a dog like this, so I remember the word gaeyang.

I'm used to seeing Gaeyang through the muddy fields that touch the sea, but seeing the apartment building in the city's plain view is both familiar and unfamiliar.

Because Siheung is in contact with the sea, it seems that such a state park can be created.

It took quite a while to walk around, but I wanted to see how wide it was, so I found a video of this park taken with a drone.


my map


Siheung Ecological Park Siheung Mulwang Reservoirwalked up to


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