Eco-friendly smart bench wireless charging at Siheung Gaetgol Ecological Park

I walked through Siheung Gaetgol Ecological Park with my friend.


While walking with a friend, I was about to sit on a bench when I found something strange on the bench.

That's wireless charging for your smartphone.


I put my iPhone on it to see if it works, and it's charging!

I asked my friend to take a picture. The screen is off and the charging indicator is not visible, but it is definitely charging.



I looked at the side of the bench and there was an explanation. Eco-friendly smart bench. The seating area of ​​the bench is a solar and power block, and wireless charging is available from both corners.



Since the iPhone 8, wireless charging has been available, and now the iPod case can also be charged wirelessly. Although it is still a pilot project, wireless charging is now available even on park benches.

I was curious about when I would be charging my phone wirelessly, so I found it and blogged it. wireless phone charging Iranian writing Looking at the date it was written, it was June 2010. is a feeling of exasperation.

When people dream, technology makes them come true. Technology and people's lives and culture are advancing, so if you dream a dream, the day will come.


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