Precautions when participating in the car insurance premium inquiry event (when there are more than two cars in my name)

So far, I have only signed up for Samsung Fire Direct. Then, when I renew my car insurance, I participated in the event because I was told that if I participate in the car insurance inquiry event, it will give me about 5 won to 1 won. I changed car insurance companies because I found out that there is a cheaper insurance company with similar conditions. The car insurance event seems to be effective marketing to attract customers.



This year, before renewing car insurance, I found and participated in a car insurance inquiry event.



A car with the same name can only be used once in the car insurance inquiry event

After checking my car's car insurance premium, when I tried to do an event with my wife's car number, it came out like the following screen shot.



It seemed that the car my wife was driving was in my name.



Insurance is paid by car, but car insurance events are done by name.

Since there are two cars, I thought I would be able to participate in the car insurance inquiry event, but it was not.

Maybe it's because they check whether or not to participate in the event with their social security number. It is a matter of planning, as you can do it with your resident number and car number. Even if two or more cars are covered by the same securities, the car tax is each, so I think it should be possible to inquire at least one more.

From a marketing promotion event planning point of view, it may be because there is no need to advance marketing for two or more cars with the same name.

Each car has different conditions, so experiential marketing to inquire about it is better if you experience it one more time somehow. Actually, I also changed car insurance companies while participating in the inquiry event.



Auto insurance renewal and subscription

Apart from the car insurance inquiry event, there are very few companies that offer special benefits for extending from the same car insurance company. Auto insurance companies don't seem to care much about the fish they catch. Fortunately, some car insurance companies offer cash back events for each credit card company, just like when you sign up for a new car insurance policy.

The subscription model pays you monthly or annually, rather than a single paid sale. From the perspective of a business operator, this is a good thing, if there is no problem with the product or service and there is a reason to use it continuously, it is difficult to catch it once, and once you catch it, you pay continuously. '

Even when there is no subscription model, services, including banks, are also focused on attracting new customers. Auto insurance is a subscription-like model that must be renewed every year. However, even when existing customers extend, I wonder if they should do marketing that gives benefits such as attracting new customers.



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