Turn off Tmap real-time route search in Jeju Island

These days, navigation apps use T-map. I'm not good at driving, but I don't like the route guidance because the T-map keeps moving. Still, the map and guide signs are easy to see and use. Recently, car insurance can also be discounted with the Tmap score.


Lately Bring the car to Jeju Island I had a lot of driving to do. In the meantime, I have been driving my wife's car in Jeju Island, so it has been over 2 years since I drove with the T-map in Jeju.


In Jeju, real-time traffic information on Tmap does not match well.

Even if you know the way, you always turn on the T-map. I can't believe me!

However, the traffic conditions displayed on the Tmap map often do not match the actual road. The road traffic information displayed in orange or red on the Tmap map is almost inaccurate.

It is often orange or red even when there is no car in front of me.

When the route is guided based on this real-time traffic information, the navigation guide tells you to turn around and come to the next alley even though there is obviously no car. It's nice to have an alley. On mountain roads, you have to turn far.

Although it is an article from 2013, Tmap is 5 vehicles including taxis and trucks equipped with speed-gathering devicesit is said to be In addition, traffic information collection information will be used, but there are not many cars on Jeju Island other than downtown Jeju. On weekends, there are many Heo, Ho, and Ha, but there are not many cars in every corner of Jeju Island. Therefore, real-time traffic information in Jeju Island, not in the metropolitan area, is not suitable.



In Jeju, the real-time route guidance of Tmap is turned off.

In Jeju City, the real-time traffic information of the T-map may be correct. There are a lot of cars in the downtown of Jeju City.

Even though there are no cars on the road, they say that it is blocked every time and guide the route to return, turning off the real-time route guidance at all. As I turned off the real-time route, there was no turning back when there were no cars on the road.

My eyes are dark on the road, so I only go where the navigator is going. 😆

There is no car on the road and I wanted to take a picture of what appears in red on the map of the Tmap, but I can't show it because I can't do it while driving.




Turn off real-time route guidance on Tmap

There is an option to turn off real-time route guidance in the Tmap app.


  1. Open Tmap, tap the menu that looks like a hamburger on the left, and tap the settings icon that looks like a gear.
  2. Turn off 'real-time route search' in the directions as shown below in the settings.





Sometimes while driving, there is a message saying that guidance is given in consideration of real-time traffic information. Obviously I turned off the option, but I don't know if it takes real-time traffic information into account.

Jeju travel map | my map


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