Get Stars When You Use Starbucks Free Coupons

Received when purchasing at Starbucks Collect 12 stars to get a free drink couponthis comes out No stars are awarded when using free drink coupons. I always used only free drink coupons, but today I tried to see if I could get a star while ordering with a free drink coupon, and I got a star.




The minimum amount that can be used to receive stars at Starbucks is KRW 1,000.

It was 800 won, but I saw the notice. Adjusted to KRW 2020 from January 1, 15It became.



Change the size when paying with a free drink coupon

I changed the size to a Venti while ordering a Java Chip Frappuccino through the Starbucks app.

With the Grande, the extra amount was less than 1,000 won, and with the Venti, the extra amount was just 1,000 won.



Add 1,000 won to the free coupon to increase the size and get one star

As a free drink coupon, I received a separate drink while drinking a 7,100 won drink for 1,000 won.



If you order with a personal cup, you get one more star.

If you bring your own cup when ordering, you will receive an extra star as it is called eco mileage. You can get a total of 2 stars.



It's annoying to bring these things, but if you know, you can eat cheaper, and finding tips like this is quite fun.


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