Jeju Songaksan Dulle-gil walking and parking

In Jeju, there is a path that I walk with my family about once or twice a month, and that is the Songaksan Dulle-gil.



The Songaksan Dulle-gil walks around the crater of Songaksan Mountain, and it is good to have the sea on one side no matter which direction you walk. You can see Gapado Island right in front of you, and Marado Island if the weather is bad. It usually takes between 1 hour and 1 hour and 30 minutes.




Usually, you park your car in the parking lot of the Songaksan Rest Area and walk to the entrance. I've marked it on the map below, but yellow is where you usually park.

Even in the off-season, there are often no empty seats on the weekends on the weekends. Don't go back because there is no space in the parking lot, you can park your car on the street after you pass the parking lot. marked in orange on the map. During peak season, most people park on this shoulder.

The more parking there is, the more we park the car on the road far from the parking lot, so we often just start walking the Songaksan Dulle-gil at the end point.



Songaksan Dullegil is part of Olle 10 course


Since Songaksan Dulle-gil is part of Olle Course 10, there is an Olle-gil sign at the entrance of Songaksan Dulle-gil as shown below.


When you first start, you will see Brother Island, and when you return, you will see Gapado and Marado.

The picture below is Brother Island.



As you walk, you will see the blue sea and the blue sky. It's dazzling, so it's better to wear sunglasses.


About halfway through, you can see horses grazing.



Jeju is often windy. It is quite cold when the wind blows in winter.


There is a slight up-down, but it's not too bad. It's just going up and down the neighborhood.



no trash cans

In summer, it's hot, so I buy iced Americano in the water or Starbucks Songaksan branch and walk.

However, there is no trash can on the way, so you have to carry an empty bottle with you the whole time. When traveling with the family, tie up a small backpack and put the garbage in the bag. If you inadvertently start walking with a water bottle or coffee, you need to know that you have to carry it the whole time. It is one of the small but annoying things.




How do I get out of the end of the Songaksan Dulle-gil?

From the parking lot, starting at the entrance of Mt. Songak, the end is the picture below. It's like a door, how do I get through it? Sometimes I see tourists talking about how to get out in front of this place. Sometimes I hear people say that they have to go back because it looks like a door and there is nothing to open.



It's not a door, so you don't open it, just walk in a zigzag.


Why did you put this up? I was curious when I first walked Mt. Songak.

I looked it up and it was something I couldn't get out of. Humans can walk, but horses cannot zigzag on all fours due to their long torso. It's a good solution in terms of interaction design patterns.

If you look at the mountain side while walking along the Dulle-gil, you can see horses grazing, because they are actually raising horses on Mt. Songak.


It is a very good walking course that is not difficult to walk along the Dulle-gil, to see the sea, to feel the sea breeze, to see the horses. It's the same length Jirisan Dulle-gil Course 3It is recommended as a walking course because it is about walking for drinks.


There is a video of Mt. Songak made by the Korea Forest Service, and I think it would be good to see it.


Jeju travel map | my map


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