Take a dip at Iho Tewoo Beach near Jeju International Airport and Lost & Heaven Coffee Shop

Iho Tewoo Beach, a good place to stop by on the last day of your trip

Jeju Island Witse Oreum on the Yeongsil Trail in Hallasan MountainI got off the train and headed towards Jeju City to take my friend to Jeju International Airport. There was still time before departure, so I went to Iho Tewoo Beach, which is the closest to Jeju International Airport.

Iho Tewoo Beach has an unusual name, which means Tewoo Beach in Iho-dong, and Taewoo refers to a log boat used for fishing or seaweed gathering in the nearby sea.

It is mid-March, but you can see people surfing. I thought there was only Saekdal Beach in Jungmun with enough waves to surf, but it seems that there is also Ioteu Beach.




A good outdoor cafe to enjoy the sky and water

It's good to go camping, and if you can't go camping fire at homeIt's good to do it, but when you come to Jeju, look at the sky and the sea. I also like to swim.

I drank coffee at an outdoor cafe while looking at the sky and sea while drowsy and drowsy.

There were a few cafes, but I found a cafe that was good for sleeping outdoors. This is Lost and Heaven Cafe.

There are outdoor seating on the 1st and 2nd floors.

Looking at the sky and sea from the outdoor seating on the 2nd floor is good for sleeping. It can be difficult to be outdoors because the sun is strong in summer, but it seems good in spring and autumn.


Below is a photo of the front. The beach front is better. It's a good spot to see the beach. Other cafes are all glass, but only indoors, so I came here. It is difficult to sit outside in midsummer, so an indoor cafe with a glass floor is good, but on a sunny day, this outdoor cafe is good.



A place to lie down and block the sun and wind

What was particularly good was that there were only two seats, but like the picture below, it is a wagon-shaped seat that looks like something out of a western movie.

Fortunately, there was a seat available and I was able to sit down. It was perfect to sit down with a sip of coffee and look at the sky and sea.



It's just like on the roof, but it's nice to sit and watch the sea. Since there is no parasol, it is good for spring, autumn, and autumn days when the sun is not too hot.


In midsummer, a cafe with air conditioning is good, but in other seasons, it is better to drink coffee outdoors looking at the Jeju sky and sea.


I think it took about 10 minutes by car from Iho Tewoo Beach to Jeju Airport. If you have time before the flight departure time, it would be good to stop by and see the last beach before returning the rental car.


Jeju travel map | my map


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