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We moved from, which we have been using since 1999, to on December 2006, 12. has been hosting for free on Telate since 1999.

After all, I've been using it for free for 8 years. Telelate bossthank you


He left a standalone server even after he closed the web hosting business, but he kept asking for it due to a system problem, so he decided to move with a big heart.

How do you get users who have entered through a link or search to come to

I just thought about it for fun. has been on the internet for 8 years, so I don't know how quickly it will fall out of search engines.

It looks like the domain will be around for a while.

I also thought about deleting the wordpress directory of and creating an error page and sending it to

Then, users who came to through a search were trying to read the article, so it was not likely that they were looking for my blog. I thought that it should be possible to save the trouble of finding the article again for the person who came to find it through a search.

I was looking at the template source in WordPress and found a place that gives an error message when there is no post in single.php .

Anyway, since the contents of the DB were moved as it is, the number of the articles is the same, so I think you can delete all the articles on and change the domain to find and send the articles on the new blog.

In the place that shows the content of the article, it shows the new URL of the article where the original article has been moved, asks to edit the link, and allows you to view the article by clicking the link.

I modified single.php of as follows.

Moved to ' ; ?>

if (document.referrer != ”)
document.write(document.referrer + ' you are from ');

The article you are looking for has been moved to the URL below.
We would appreciate it if you could correct the link to the new URL.
Click the URL below to view the article
<br>'; echo $p; echo ' '; ?>


You do not need to change the rss for blog subscription.

rss as feedburnerI changed it back to the original rss. After that, I set it as a feeburner because I thought I might have to move. In the end, a feedburner helped.

I changed the domain address of the blog, but subscriptions through RSS remain the same, and the method through a search engine seems to be resolved to some extent in the same way as above.

Who bookmarked? You'll have to make a new one ^^

I thought about changing my skin since I moved to a new place, but I decided not to.

I've seen them change the appearance design when adding features or changing something, but it doesn't seem like a very good way to do it.

The purpose of this change, which added features or changed domains like this one, is not to stay in a constantly changing state, but to get used to and stable quickly.

In order to quickly become familiar with it, I think it would be better to fix other things instead of changing other things other than changing. In particular, appearance is a part that people quickly recognize, so if the purpose is stability rather than maintenance of the state of change, it would be better not to change it.


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