Jeju-do Seogwipo SK EnClean Beophwan gas station, machine wash available at affordable gas station prices

Jeju Island Jungmun to Seogwipo Hamdeok Beach StarbucksThere is a gas station that I stop by whenever I need to refuel on the way to the city.


Same price as a thrifty gas station

The cheapest gas stations nearby are thrifty gas stations and SK Beophwan gas stations.

If you have a discount card related to SK gas, you can stop by here.

(Captured from Google Maps)


Machine wash available

The SK Beophwan gas station has the same price as a thrifty gas station, but you can wash your car. On the way to Hamdeok, I do a machine wash.


Car wash 3,000 won

3 won for gas over 1,000 won

The cost of car washing is 3,000 won, but if you refuel more than 3 won, you only need to pay 1,000 won.

The machine wash at the Jungmun Nonghyup gas station does not go back and forth only once, but here, like any other machine wash, the machine washes it several times and when finished, the staff wipes the water with a towel.

I took pictures while waiting for the machine wash.



It is on the right after passing E-Mart in the direction of Seogwipo.


Jeju travel map | my map


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