Precautions and required time when climbing Witse Oreum, Yeongsil Trail, Hallasan Mountain, Jeju Island

I went to Witse Oreum at Yeongsil Course in Hallasan Mountain in Jeju Island.



Duration: 3 hours and 30 minutes in total

It took about 20 hours and 3 minutes including the 30 minute break at Witse Oreum.

The following is logging with my favorite Rambler. (Don't ruin it until I make it)


  • Distance 8 km
  • Duration 3h 22m 28s
  • Travel time 3h 13m 28s
  • break 9m
  • Average speed 2.5 km/h
  • highest point 1,676 m
  • Total Acquisition Altitude 566 m
  • Difficulty



I marked the path to the GPX file with the WordPress plugin.


Download the GPX file:   Hallasan Yeongsil Trail Wisse Oreum (139 downloads)



Hallasan climbing and descent time limit

I arrived at the parking lot at 2:25 pm the day before, but I couldn't get in because of the climbing limit. As of March, the last entry time is 3pm.

I came here with my family for the Lunar New Year this year, but on that day, because of Corona 19, all tourist destinations on Jeju Island were blocked, so I went back from the parking lot and went back again.

The next day he came in the morning. There is a limit on the time for ascending and descending depending on the season, so if you depart in the afternoon, it is better to check the time. I took a picture of the information board at the entrance for reference when going up later.


You must arrive at the ticket office 20 to 30 minutes before the climbing time limit.

After paying the entrance fee at the ticket box, you have to go about 2km further to reach the trail entrance, and you can drive to the trail entrance.

There are two parking lots at the ticket office and the entrance to the trail. If the parking lot at the entrance to the trail is full, you have to park in the ticket booth parking lot and walk. It takes about 20 minutes on foot. Therefore, you should arrive at the entrance parking lot 20-30 minutes before the latest.




Scan the QR code with the Naver app or KakaoTalk app

Below is the entrance. The starting point is 1400 meters above sea level.

Due to Corona 19, you have to scan the QR code with the Naver app or the Kakao Talk app.




The view opens up when you climb for about an hour

The road from Yeongsil Course to Witse Oreum is a well-known course from Hyori's Bed and Breakfast.

Although the incline is steep, if you go up this part, you can see the southern wall like a big mountain in China. If you walk up from Seongpanak, the view is not open even if you walk for more than 4 hours.




It is Yeongsilgi Cancer. The picture was taken when the fog had cleared for a while, but the picture is less realistic than seeing it with the naked eye.


If you go up the slope, you can see the Jungmun Sea.


When the wind blew, the haze was lifted and the blue sky was visible.

Azaleas bloom in spring. The azaleas bloom at the end of May, so I will have to climb again in May.






Witse Oreum does not sell cup noodles. Have snacks ready

If you look at the blog, it is said that Witse Oreum sells cup noodles. I was expecting it, but it didn't happen! I don't know if it's because of COVID-19, but there are no places that even sell snacks. I arrived around lunch time and was hungry.


Fortunately, I brought snacks such as tangerines and choco pie in my bag and did a yogi.

Before going further up to Mt. Halla, they sit at a distance from each other in a place like Witse Oreum Square and eat the snacks they brought.

As it was going up, it was cloudy, so the haze came and went again and again, but when I climbed Witse Oreum, the sky looked blue.



Witse Oreum 1,700M above sea level

Witse Oreum is 1,280 meters above sea level, which starts at the entrance, which is 1700 meters above sea level, and arrives at Witse Oreum.


If you drive along the road through the center of Hallasan Mountain, there is a rest area at Hill 1100. I climbed the hill 1700 on foot without a road.


While climbing, logging was done with the Rambler app on the iPhone and the fitness app with the Apple Watch on the wrist. The following video is a video made with the Relive app of the path logged by the Apple Watch fitness app.


I climbed Witse Oreum and then came back down to the starting point.


An acquaintance who came to Jeju with family said that he would come alone next time and climb Mt. Halla.

The downside of hiking with a car is that you have to return to where you parked. I looked it up and there is a travel product for climbing Mt. Halla for 2 days and 3 nights. If you take a bus to the entrance of Hallasan Mountain, it is difficult to meet the time, so you will need to take a taxi, but the distance is far, so taxis cost a lot and there is no way a taxi will be waiting for you on the descent. Looking at this product, I think it would be nice to say that they pick up the car even when descending. I've found it in advance for those who come later.




Jeju travel map | my map


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