Starbucks Jeju Edu City in Jeju Island's English Education City

Every Sunday, I go to the Starbucks Jeju Edu City branch in the Jeju English Education City. I blog or code for about two hours.



It's been over 3 years since I've been to a Starbucks cafe. Besides Starbucks in my neighborhood, I used to go to Starbucks in Seoul to find a good Starbucks to work for. There were times when observation was my job, but observation is still the most important basic of my job, so I occasionally observe even when I go to Starbucks. Again, depending on the location, the things they are doing with the people at Starbucks are slightly different.


There is only one Starbucks here in Jeju English Education City.


There are few people who look like tourists at Starbucks Jeju Edu City. If there are, they are parents from Seoul on the weekend. There are many foreigners who look like teachers working at an international school, middle and high school students studying, and many mothers. I often see middle and high school students solving math problems with the Apple Pencil on the iPad Pro or writing an English thesis in Word. Because it is an international school, many middle and high school students converse in English.


My favorite Starbucks is on the second floor. It's only on the first floor, but it's good that the standing table by the sunny window has an empty seat every time you come. In summer, when the sun is shining, the awning must be lowered.


The wind is strong here and the weather is changeable. Even if it rains or snows here, there are many times when I don't come to Seogwipo.

If you drive around the area, there are many vacant lots other than the international school. It's like the SimCity game has decided on a section and made a road, but I haven't had the money to build a building yet. And if you go a little further towards Gueok-ri, you will find a street about the location of a rural area, and you can feel the difference from this place where the international school is located.

There seems to be no reason for tourists to come all the way here, except for those who came to explore to send an international school, it would be a local cafe, but there are sometimes foreigners. This looks a bit different.


Starbucks Map | Jeju travel map | my map


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