Iroom chair wheel replacement

the chair wheel is broken

The child keeps saying something is coming out of the wheel of the chair.


I see the rim of the wheel is broken. It's an iloom chair, and I don't know exactly how many years it has been used, but I think it's at least 10 years old.


It's the first time I've seen a wheel break while using a chair. I don't know if the wheels of the Illum chair are weak or if it's because it's been used for so long that it's changed to an Illum chair.



You can only purchase and replace the chair wheels.

I looked to see if only the wheels could be replaced, and I was able to fix it by ordering only the parts.



Iroom chair wheel order

1. Find out which parts to buy with the chair model

The problem is that I need to order the wheels that fit my chair, but I couldn't find a chair at home on the website. The subpom page did not indicate which chair model it was.

So I decided to just ask. It's good to ask people.

Illum HomepageEnter and there was a chat inquiry on the right. I opened a KakaoTalk channel, took a picture of the chair, and asked which parts to buy. A counselor was able to get a link to purchase wheels that fit the chair.


This is our house wheel modelbought



2. Order the wheels from the Illum website.
It said delivery time was 5 days, but it arrived in 3 days.




Iroom chair wheel replacement

If you pull on the wheel of the chair, it will come out and you just have to put in a new one. It was too easy to replace. I couldn't take a picture after taking the chair to the studio and replacing it.



Looking for an office chair, it seems that there are various types of desks as well. I couldn't find a chair like the one in my house if it was discontinued.



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