Which prototyping tool do you use the most?

What is the most used prototyping tool in the interaction design process?

<prototyping> (Prototyping: A Practitioner's Guide) in the book, the author Results of a survey conducted in 2008is out

About 200 people participated, of which 63% were interaction designers, which was a duplicate response.

Reading the book, it seems to be about the web or application running on a computer, not about prototyping a car or a solid product.

Again, paper accounts for the most at 77%, followed by vizio. There are also quite a few PowerPoints.



In the book, there is a story about why prototyping is necessary and how to do it in practice, but since it is a book for practitioners, the pros and cons of each tool and how to use each practically are presented in the latter half rather than conceptual content, which is helpful for those who want to choose a tool. seems to be

I have summarized the templates provided by the author and other templates. (If you have other templates, please let me know in the comments)

paper prototype

Power Point Presentation





Axure RP Pro


If you want to know about prototyping and tools from a practical point of view,prototyping> If you would like to read the book, and if you want to understand more about the principles or concepts before working or tools,User Experience Sketch> is recommended to read.

User Experience Sketch




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