Wrist Pain, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Mouse Wrist Rest Pad, Memory Foam Mouse Pad

Wrist pain occurs when you use the mouse a lot. This is called carpal tunnel syndrome.

Tennis elbow pain is called tennis elbow, while wrist pain caused by a mouse is called mouse elbow. These days, I use my thumb to input a lot on smartphones, so my thumb hurts, but I don't know if this is called smartphone thumb elbow.

My wrist hurts when I use the mouse, so I use a vertical mouse and a mouse wrist rest. This time, I bought a new mouse palm rest pad and organized it.


memory foam mouse pad


These days, mice are lasers, not balls, so a mouse pad isn't really necessary. But my desk at home is glass, so I need a mouse pad. And the cloth mousepad feels good to the touch.

So I use a mousepad like below. The palm rest and mouse pad are attached, and the palm rest is attached to thememory foam mouse pad' is called.


It's called memory foam, but it's just a little jelly-like, but it's soft and nice.



mouse palm rest pad

If you use the memory foam mouse pad for a long time, the softness of the wrist support will turn off. It can be restored again, but if you put your wrist on it, it goes down.

So this time, I was looking for another wrist rest.mouse palm rest pad' was found.



I used a stand that doubles as a mouse pad, but I only use a palm rest pad, so I need a mouse pad. my MacBook Air M1 I took a picture with the vertical mouse.



When I use a vertical mouse, my wrist stands slightly vertically, so I was curious about when the wrist rest was not there and when it was with it, so I took a picture.

It's hard to see in the photo, but without the palm rest pad, the bottom of the wrist is a bit empty.



They have similar shapes and materials, so I found the cheapest one. Morak Moku Mouse Wrist Rest Padam. I bought two of the same.




Memory foam or jelly type has the disadvantage that it cannot support the wrist if used for a long time because it is too soft. As shown in the video below, this product has elasticity, but it feels a bit stiff when the wrist is raised.



The price is a little cheaper and there are softer ones. If it's too soft, your wrist goes deep, and if you're using a vertical mouse like me, your wrist seems to go down too low. As it is soft, it feels good to the touch.




At home or at work, have a vertical mouse of the same type and a wrist rest or mouse pad. The wrist pain has been relieved quite a bit with this.


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