What date can I withdraw after stock sale?

After selling domestic stocks, I tried to withdraw money. The sold amount is recorded in the transaction history, but when I try to transfer it through internet banking, it says that the balance is insufficient. So I looked for it.


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Withdrawal is possible from 2 business days after stock sale

If you sell on Monday, you can withdraw on Wednesday.

As it is a business day, Saturdays and Sundays are not included in business days. If you sold on Friday, you can withdraw on Tuesday.

I made a table by day of the week based on the selling date.

day of the week Available days of withdrawal
anger neck
neck next month
gold next tuesday


It is usually midnight on the day of withdrawal, but there are many cases where the system is checked from midnight to 6:9, so you can withdraw at XNUMX:XNUMX. Withdrawal times seem to vary by brokerage firm.




Why can't I withdraw immediately after selling?

I was curious and looked it up.

It is said that the reason that the withdrawal cannot be made immediately after the sale is that the securities company must register the transaction details with the Korea Securities Depository and transfer the ownership to receive the payment for the sale.



If you sell today, you can register your ownership at the Securities Depository tomorrow, so you can withdraw from the next day!

Since the Korea Securities Depository has a process for transferring ownership, I don't know exactly how the system works, but I thought about it as I wanted with the following time.

  1. Selling day (1 business day): After the close of the market, stocks sold on that day are collected and delivered to the Korea Securities Depository.
  2. 2nd business day: Transfer of ownership from the Securities Depository
  3. 3 business days: Withdrawals can be made at a securities company. As of midnight, there is a system check in the morning, so withdrawals are possible at 9:XNUMX that day.


Then, you can withdraw money from the next business day after you sell.

I said, "If you sell today, you can register the ownership in my name at the Securities Depository tomorrow and withdraw from the next day!" understood that

At HCI mental modelThere is a concept called the concept of how to understand the world or how to use a tool in each person's head. If you understand this process, you do not need to memorize D+2 business days unconditionally.


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