SK Broadband, Changing Direct Debit on iPhone or Mac: They said no from the beginning!

I am using SK Broadband for high-speed internet at home, but I tried to change the credit card for automatic debit.

These days, Hometax and government websites can also be used on Macs, so I thought it would be natural for SK to be a big company. SK Broadband websitewent into I thought that the design would be good because it was a cool design suitable for a tablet that was at its peak during the Web 2005 era in 2.0.



I even authenticated my mobile phone on the Mac, and at the end it tells me to install the exe file.

From the beginning they said no Mac!



After verifying the identity on the iPhone, install the authentication app and send the certificate from the PC.

After verifying the mobile phone identity, the installation window of the Korean information authentication app opens at the end. It's the first app I've seen, but I installed it. When I open the app, it seems that the PC needs to send a certificate. There was no such word while changing the direct debit credit card.

If there is a need to continue using this authentication app in the future, I will try something. Ah! I can't use it because I don't have a Windows laptop.

Even Hometex doesn't use a Windows laptop anymore, so I don't know what the situation is.



Did I say no from the beginning?

I suddenly remember the words of the highest-ranking person in the company in 2013 or so. I did everything as if I could do everything from Mac to payment, but in the end it was said that I couldn't because it was a Mac. From the beginning, Mac said that payment was not possible!



I changed it by calling the call center (☎ 106)

I don't know how many times a year I change my direct debit credit card, but SK Broadband is the cheapest I can get into my house, so I use it.

It's a credit card change, so authentication is essential, but I don't know what other carriers are like.





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