Add 1% profit by entering Coupang Partners Referral ID

Coupang Partners Profits 3% of Sales

With Coupang Partners, if someone else purchases the linked product, you can receive 3% of the purchase price.

It is similar to Amazon's application program. It is included in the purchase price even if you purchase it within a day instead of clicking it immediately.


Join Coupang Partners


Add 30% for the first 1 days when you sign up with your referral ID

When you sign up for Coupang Partners, you can enter your referral ID. If you put this in, you get an extra 30% of your sales for the first 1 days. Interestingly, not only the person who signed up, but also the person with the referrer ID can receive it. Even if you don't know each other, it's a win-win for each other as all you need is an ID.


Below is my Coupang Partners ID. Just put it below.


Referrer ID: AF5499216



Previously, Kookmin Bank's mobile savings account had something similar. If you put in the recommender ID, you get more interest, so I searched the internet and entered any ID, and then the interest rate for both went up.

I also made it public so that someone could search and find my ID and put it in as a recommender ID.

I recommended Coupang Partners to a friend and entered my ID, but there was no sales, so there was no profit. I don't know how this will turn out.


In 2008 or so, Yoda and Yahoo! I tried to put it on my blog, but I couldn't because I didn't know how to do abusing or O-click. When I was in charge of the Naver blog service, I wanted to include it, but I was busy with other things, but I couldn't because I wasn't like that. I've been watching Amazon's affiliate program for a long time, but I'm curious about how it works because Coupang is doing it in Korea, so I'm testing it on my blog.

In this video, it is said that Coupang Partners, who started to repay the loan, made 2 million won a month in profit. I wish I could make a profit like this guy beyond the test.



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